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Meet Eric & Ryan: Hair Boutique Teen Hair Advisors


The Hair Boutique was recently psyched to have Ryan (shown to the left) and Eric agree to act as the official guy advisors for our teen hair tips. (If you would like to chat online with Ryan (about hair or other topics) you can contact him at AOL Instant Messenger at MrGrim0021.

Eric (who turned 16 in January) and Ryan (who hits the magic age in April) are long time buds who hang together both during and after school and share similar interests like all nighter Lan parties, Net surfing, cruising hot happenings at the Malls and KenTacoHut and catching the latest flicks at the the cinemas.

Ryan is a band dude who burns up the skins in Group Therapy, a rock group that performs locally in Dallas. Eric is a software jock wannabe who enjoys playing soccer and hockey.

Ryan and Eric (shown to the right) have been primo for the Hair Boutique (thanks guys).

They recently spent lots of time looking at stacks of different magazines and flagging the hot and not so hot hairstyles for teens, both male and female.

Besides the obvious Teen People, YM, Seventeen and Twist, they paged through several hair mags from both the US and Europe with lots of styles for teens.

I have to admit that I was surprised by many of Ryan and Eric's teen male opinions about hair and what is sizzling. Which of course is why Ryan and Eric are such a great addition to the Hair Boutique.

Ryan and Eric will be appearing at Hair Boutique on a regular basis to share their likes, dislikes and overall opinions about hair, fashion and style.

Ryan and Eric have not only agreed to answer lots of questions about hair care for teens, but they have agreed to answer email from Hair Boutique visitors. You can email either Ryan or Eric with your own personal hair care opinions, comments or questions.

If you would like to chat online with Ryan (hair or other topics) you can contact him at AOL Instant Messenger at mrgrimoo21. Ryan loves to chat online so send him a message.

Korn - Kick Ass Hair

A few nights February 23, 2000) ago Ryan and Eric make a memorable trek down to Dallas' famous Reunion Arena to experience Korn, one of their favorite "bad butt bands".

Ryan reported back that Korn members Head and Monkey sported awesome dreads and locks that were copied everywhere in the arena.

Both Eric and Ryan reported that the concert was totally awesome.

In honor of Korn, Eric and Ryan spiked and colored their dos with hues of blue hairspray. If you look closely at their photos above you will be able to see the sizzling blue shades swirled through their excellent spikes.

Of course as any Korn follower would do, they followed up the colored spikes with black fingernail polish. As they explained, the black shade was the perfect touch for the Korn rock extravaganza.

Hair Hotties

As the chicas go, Ryan and Eric both agreed that Britney Spears and Christina Aquilera had some of the hottest hair in the female teen celebrity arena at the moment.

While Eric has a stated preference for brunettes, Ryan is a big fan of blondes and said that he thought that both Britney and Christina had a beautiful shades of blonde hair.

While Christina pretty much sticks with the same white blonde shade, Britney has been known to toggle back and forth between honey colored blonde locks to a very light blonde.

Both Eric and Ryan love Britney's current bobbed shoulder length hair, which is currently (Twist Mag - March 2000) a whiter shade of blonde with some hot lighter blonde "angel streaks" around her beautiful face that open her face and highlight her gorgeous eyes.

Ryan especially thought Britney looks great in her bobbed hair (below) look when it includes big soft waves. (Photo of Britney with her wavy bob from the March 2000 issue of Twist magazine).

Ryan doesn't like longer hair and thinks that for most, shoulder length or a little shorter is excellent.

When recently interviewed by the April/May 2000 issue of Sophisticate's Hairstyle Magazine (Associated Publications) Eighteen year old Britney revealed that her current shoulder length hair is very straight and much more on the fine side.

Britney agrees with Ryan and recently told Sophisticate Magazine that she "really likes the length of her hair at her shoulders or a little longer".

Believe it or not Britney wore hair extensions for her most recent tour and she enjoyed the fact that it made her shiny blonde locks really long, halfway down her back.

While Britney liked her hair super long, she did report to Sophisticate Mag (photo from Sophisticate Mag to left) that the hair extensions turned out "to be a nightmare".

By the time she was ready to remove them "they had started to knot up and form their own dreads".

Although Eric and Ryan did not discuss Britney's makeup I have personally had lots of emails asking if I knew what type of makeup Britney prefers.

In a recent interview with Star Magazine Britney confess that she "prefers About Eve eyeshadow and blush, tons of M.A.C. lipsticks, and Grand Curl Mascara by L'Oreal".

Anyone who has seen any photos of Britney knows that she has gorgeous eyes and "doesn't go anywhere without her mascara". Britney also confesses that she prefers to use neutral brown on her eyes and lips. When she is on stage Britney loves to put glitter on her face and chest. She also admits to "always carrying lip gloss".

Tiger Stripes

Britney Spears does not have the corner on the hot blonde the teen celebrity market. Stunning 19 year old blonde beauty Christina Aquilera has gorgeous white blonde locks that get constant raves from fans and hair experts alike.

Both Eric and Ryan agreed that Christina is a real hottie. Ryan reported that she not only has a great shade of blonde but the length and style are also very sexy.

Eric thought it was very cool when he heard that Christina (above in tiger striped hair) and some other celebrities were doing a tiger stripe motif to their dos.

Although they like unusual looks for hair, both Eric and Ryan agreed that anything too outrageous is not cool and they prefer a toned down originality like the tiger stripes or some well placed colors.

Christina has been popping us on the covers of lots of the hottest teen mags including Twist for March 2000 and YM for February 2000 (see above in the article).


Although Eric favors brunettes and Ryan blondes, both of the guys think that Britney and Christina have hot blonde locks. Both Eric and Ryan love Britney's latest bob although Ryan really likes it best with the waves.

Do you want to know what Eric and Ryan think of Felicity in her short new do? How about Mandy Moore? Do they like curls, waves or straight and sleek locks?

We will be running regular columns from our new Hair Boutique teen advisors. So stay tuned for more hot reports on teen hair from the field.

Not only will the Hair Boutique be consulting with Ryan and Eric on a regular basis for late breaking teen hair and fashion tips and news, we will be including some great new surprises in the future.

Don't forget to email the guys and let them know your own breaking hair tips and scoops. We would also love to hear from you and share your teen hair and fashion scoops.

If you would like to chat online with Ryan (about hair or other topics) you can contact him at AOL Instant Messenger at MrGrim0021.

Email me and I will make sure to include your opinions, photos and scoops in the next Teen Hair report.

Don't forget to visit the TeenTalk messageboard and read all the great Teen and Prom hair care articles at Hair Boutique.

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