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Matt Dallas - All Rights Reserved

Matthew (Matt) Joseph Dallas (Matt) was born October 21, 1982 in Phoenix, Arizona. He is currently starring as the lead character in ABC Family sci fi styled series known as Kyle XY .

The premise behind the show is that it deals with a mysterious adolescent struggling to figure out who or what he is. Matt has won kudos from critics who rave about his ability to play a deadpan role.

While you might not have heard about Matt from his work as Kyle, there is a good chance, especially if you read celebrity gossip columns or websites that you have heard of the recent controversy over his real mystery sexual identity that became the talk of celebrity gossip webmaster Perez Hilton. Matt who is becoming more famous by the minute appeared this week on the Howard Stern show to refute gay claims made by Perez and instantly became a big moved on the Yahoo Buzz-o-Meters.

Personally I don't really care about Matt's private life. I do care about his hair since afterall is the Universal Internet hair hive. I was intrigued by the recent photo of Matt wearing what appears to be a version of a manband.

It had to happen. The absolute hottest selling hair accessory at the moment is anything that remotely resembles a hair band.

Matt Dallas & Friend - All Rights Reserved

Lately the sizzling hairband has been morphing into new variations ranging from hidden hard U bands covered with flowing silks, satins and blends to bands that have slits for ponytails at the back so that the pony bump is gone.

Yes of course there are the new bands that have the long and short tails and the bands made out of feathers and furs.

Naturally I was thrilled to note that Matt who is getting lots of media notice after his tangle with Perez was wearing a bandeau style band wrapped around the top of his hairline. Of course you could possibly argue that this is a traditional bandana and not really a manband but I choose to take the high road.

Matt Dallas - All Rights Reserved

Traditionally men are much more conservative about their headwear and stick to a narrow range of coverings that seem to run the gamut of cowboy hats, baseball caps and berets.

Part of my despair over the cancellation of the short-lived Love Monkey series was the fact that the star had a wide assortment of hot newsboy caps, manbands and hats.

Unfortunately men often equate wearing hats with receding hairlines and thus they are not as popular with the general population as I personally would like to see.

While it would not be appropriate for men to wear many of the headbands that are currently the craze, why not bandeaus like Matt is wearing? Afterall, sports gods wear similar fashions on the tennis courts as they glide down scary mountains and even on the football field under their helmets.

The Scoop On Matt's Hair

Matt Dallas - All Rights Reserved

If you want to ignore my ramblings about Matt and his manband then just take a look at this gorgeous head of glossy strands that perfectly frame his well groomed face.

Taking advantage of his natural texture, which appears to have natural curls and waves, Matt plays the dark and handsome card and wears his hair in a softly tousled style that would appeal to everyone.

It appears that his style was crafted with a scissors but it's possible that a razor was used to remove any thickness or bulk along the sides and back to create a more sophisticated tousle.

Regardless whether this cut was created with just a scissors or with a combination of scissors and razor, the profile is perfect with Matt's face shape which is mostly square with a prominent chin.

Steal Matt's Style

Matt appears to have a modified version of a traditional man's haircut with some layers cut longer on top to allow his natural texture to form a hint of tousled waves.

To recreate the look you would need to have hair that is medium in thickness with a natural bend or arc. Natural curls could also work with this look. Shampoo with the product of your choice, use a rinse out conditioner if desired and towel blot until hair is damp but not dripping wet. Apply mousse or a styling cream and use fingers to tousle and arrange. Finish with an optional blast of soft holding hairspray.


Matt has dreamt of being an actor since he was twelve years old. He aggressively pursued his goals by moving to LA right after high school. If you would like to catch Matt in action, check out the KYLE XY series which follows a mysterious boy who looks like a teenager, but otherwise appears to be a newborn. The series is produced by Touchstone and executive producers J. Mackye Gruber, Eric Bress, and David Himelfarb.

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