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Lara Flynn Boyle: The Missing Angel


The recent 'About Schmidt' Hollywood movie premiere generated major media buzz about Jack Nicholson's transcendent role and odds-on 12th Oscar nomination. OK fine. So Jack did a dazzling acting job. And he looked smashingly suave as only Jack Nicholson can. No surprises there. What was surprising, and pleasantly so, was the appearance of the incredibly gorgeous, Emmy-nominated actress, Lara Flynn Boyle, who arrived at the premiere adorning Jack's arm. (Photo of Lara Flynn Boyle above - courtesy The Practice - all rights reserved).

So what was the big deal you ask? Not only was Lara Flynn wearing a gorgeous designer gown, her hair was positively luminous, compliments of Ken Paves and his infamous styling alchemy. Pre-show, Ken transfigured the lovely "LF" (as Ken fondly calls her) into an eye-popping, jaw dropping, winged vision of original halo-wearer, Jaclyn Smith, from her Angel days.

Although there is almost 25 years difference in their ages, the close resemblance of these two world class beauties was utterly astonishing. Move over Kelly Garrett. Your wings have just been royally clipped by the beauteous Boyle. (Photo of Jaclyn Smith shown to the side - courtesy of CBS - The District - all rights reserved).

Angel Spotting

Was Lara's luscious celestial locks accidentally coiffed to look like the former Angel or was this a calculated tactic to offset LF's dazzling designer duds? I caught up by phone with the effervescent Ken Paves who explained "LF loves Jaclyn Smith's hair and overall look". In fact, Ken kindly pointed out that I was behind on the Angel Look-alike Scoop. After all, according to Ken, "Lara Flynn was tagged as a Smith reproduction in the recent past by the celeb press. The May 13th, 2002 issue of US Weekly had a 1999 photo of the two lovely ladies pointing out their possible shared DNA pool, which LF was thrilled to discover".

So LF's look wasn't an accident? Absolutely not. When Lara Flynn and Ken were planning her 'About Schmidt' hairstyle, LF specifically asked Ken "to construct a heavenly Smith-esque do" for the big night on the red carpet. She even provided a photo of her favorite Jaclyn style for Ken's inspiration.

It's important to note that although Ms. Boyle does closely resemble Ms. Smith, she is a stunning beauty in her own right. In fact, her ravishing looks and charismatic personality make her a fav with fans and celebrities alike, both off and onscreen. Whether she's hilariously hosting "Saturday Night Live, playing the vile Serleena in "Men in Black 2 (MIB2)" or hanging out for for a chat with Ken, Lara Flynn oozes class. She also has a certifiable solid gold heart. According to the man behind her hair, Lara Flynn Boyle is "a real sweetheart".

With an abundance of beauty, brains, talent, charm and piles of money, does the lovely Lara Flynn have any crosses to bear? Besides her famous Celtic cross tattooed on her left ankle, she has to deal with very naturally curly hair. Did I say curly? Yes indeed. Ken reported that Lara has lots of medium textured hair that is naturally very curly. I have to admit that I was surprised since I can only remember her with super sleek styles over the past.

Although she has naturally curly hair Ken points out "LF has true Hollywood hair and she transcends style". Comparing her to a modern day version of Elizabeth Taylor, Ken likes to say "LF is a true genius with the creation of her look. She is a genuine movie star who can go from looking like Audrey Hepburn to a Rock & Rock Princess in less than 10 minutes."

Ken, who personally "loves curly hair" and "loves working with curly hair" pointed out that Lara Flynn doesn't let anything slow her down when it comes to trying out new styles. And that includes having lots of God given curls.

Meeting Of Like Hairbrains

Ken and Lara go way back to a time "about four years ago" when Lara's publicist asked Ken "to do her hair for a special awards ceremony". From that auspicious beginning Lara has constantly "challenged and inspired" Ken to new hair styling heights. Just when he thinks he has outdone himself, LF nudges him a little further.

Ken "absolutely adores working with LF's hair" because she is always encouraging him to try new things. Calling her "his hair muse" Ken raves about the fact that this gorgeous woman has "no fear about changing her hair or her look". In fact, he confided "LF was the very first star he tried a wet set on". Was she game for a whole new hair styling experience? Of course, this Midwestern born and bred lady embraces change and challenges.

Speaking like a Proud Pappa Ken brags "Lara is very good at doing her own hair". Really? Absolutely. In fact, Ken, who does "not do LF's hair for ABC's The Practice TV series" confided that her "onscreen coifs are often her own creation". As a matter of fact, while he styled her hair for all the MIB2 press and the premiere, he didn't do her hair for the actual film.

Which begs the answer to the question of why Ken only does LF's hair for press and award events. "Quite simply Ken's expertise and schedule only allow for those type of situations". Also, "for The Practice, her look is scripted to match her character and doesn't allow for lots of diversion." When LF doesn't style her own hair she can use the show's stylists to transform her into her famous Assistant District Attorney role.

Deep Dark Hair Secrets?

So how is Lara Flynn Boyle, a naturally curly girl, able to craft such gorgeous dos on her own with apparent ease? Ken explained that "a lot of the reason is because her hair is in such incredibly great shape". Ken believes that "anyone who has healthy hair can create beautiful styles on their own because healthy hair is gorgeous hair".

Lara Flynn also pays a lot of attention to conditioning and caring for her hair. Absolutely devoted to using all of the L'Oreal's Keratase products on her hair, Lara Flynn especially like the benefits of using the Aqua-Olum, Bain Olo-relax and the Masque Olea-Relax. Ken is also a huge fan of the Keratase line and uses the products on many of his celebrity clients besides LF.

Does Lara Flynn have some deep dark hair secrets other than her true texture? According to Ken, "LF has super vibrant and luscious hair because it is so healthy and because she has:

1. A really great haircut. 2. Really healthy great color 3. Great hair care products that create wonderfully conditioned locks".

Ken believes strongly that everyone should strive for having the healthiest hair possible. He does not recommend daily shampoo treatments and suggests that blow driers and hot irons only be used for weekends or very special hair events.

Hairwork In Progress

So what are Ken and Lara Flynn currently focusing on for her famous mane? Ken was excited about their current ongoing collaboration to grow LF's hair longer. Going for a more distinctive look, her current longer locks are a major departure from the severely cropped look of the recent past.

Part of their planned hair transformation includes the creation of Lara's lush full bangs that Ken added in the late Summer. And no surprise, her gorgeous new fringed look was covered in US Magazine and all the related pubs. LF's hair, according to Ken, "currently nestles four inches below her collarbone and is in fabulous condition".

Ditching the Gothic black hues of her recent past, Lara Flynn's hair is now a soft, sensuous chestnut color with wonderfully warm honey highlights, compliments of colorist Dwayne Ross, who collaborates with Ken on several of his clients. Lara Flynn's current hair color is a major change from her "one shade from black" hue that produced a completely different and rather severe look.

Although LF's look has "gone full circle from her previous hairstyles" and looks Ken points out "LF can look gorgeous in anything she does." Indeed, Lara Flynn is the darling of the fashion and glamour tomes because of her spectacular ability to morph into completely different styles with the snap of a brush.

Steal Lara Flynn's About Schmidt Look

As the Fates would have it, Ken was booked the day of the 'About Schmidt' premiere with a Glamour magazine shoot. Like a quick change artist, Ken escaped from the shoot just in time to make a mad dash to LF's home to work his hair magic on her magnificent mane.

So how did he create the spectacular cherub coif? Since he was a little pressed for time, LF washed and conditioned her locks with the Keratese products. Making sure her strands were towel-dried, Lara Flynn was prepped and ready for Ken's whirlwind arrival.

Using his famous blow-dryer, he "dried LF's hair with a very large, all boar's, round brush to create lots of volume and shape in the root area". Yielding the brush in unison with the dryer's air flow, Ken was able to create lots of hair lift and shape.

Using his handy dandy monster round brush, Ken blew out LF's lush bangs until they were soft and shiny. After the rest of LF's hair was totally dry, Ken covered her entire head, except for the front bang area, in hot rollers that positioned to create voluptuous volume and gentle waves. Using hot rollers in two sizes measuring approximately 1" and 3/4" Ken rolled backwards along the sides and up towards the crown to build in even more volume and shape.

Letting the curls completely set and cool for close to 25 minutes, Ken carefully removed the curlers and then brushed and separated her hair into sections. Using a comb, he teased each individual section at the root to create height. As he finished each section he overlaid it with the next section until he had created the desired shape and fullness.

Being careful to achieve volume and shape without big helmet hair, he also was careful to retail softness and movement that provided a hint of carefully managed tousle. When he was finished with his masterpiece he sprayed Lara Flynn's entire head with old-fashioned Elnett hairspray from France.

When I asked Ken to explain in detail how he got the soft curls and waves to softly nestle at LF's shoulders he laughed and said "well you know Karen, that's just what I do."

And indeed I did know, having witnessed his magical hair ways firsthand on Jessica Simpson last summer.


Don't hate her because she's beautiful but do hate the fact that she is not in the next Charlie's Angels film. She would be a natural Angel kicking some bad guy butt while looking spectacular in a retro Kelly Garrett cap. Hello? Does anyone in Hollywood hear me? OK...right. Well at least we all know where a true Angel is hanging out waiting to take her gorgeous wings for a spin.

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