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Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon - Grand Opening Scoops


Although Ken and his crew had been busy working "behind the scenes" at his new Hollywood Hair Salon on Robertson for several months, it wasn't until September 29th that everything was finally ready for the Grand Opening which was a spectacularly successful event.

Carmen Electra, Ken Paves, Eva Longoria & Jessica Simpson Image Courtesy Of Ken Paves

Ken Paves All Rights Reserved

No surprise there. The salon is drop dead gorgeous and all the guests are beautiful, famous and fabulous.

Ken and his team along with help from Jessica left no detail unattended to for the many months they worked on getting the salon decorated. In fact, one of the very first purchases made for the salon was a set of antique teacups that Jessica helped Ken pick out.

For those who know him well, Ken's priority is always about helping those in need. The celebrity studded opening party, at Ken's insistence, had a very special guest of honor.

Her name wasn't Carmen, Eva or Jessica. Instead it was 14 year old Rachel Nasruti who Ken met four years ago in Detroit. Rachel suffers from the genetic condition known as Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) which makes her skin extremely fragile.

Eva Longoria & Ken Paves Image Courtesy Of Ken Paves

Ken Paves All Rights Reserved

Ken has been aggressively supporting Rachel's cause. He took the opportunity to invite Rachel to travel from her home in Detroit to his salon opening where his Beverly Hills staff styled her hair.

Ken also took the opportunity to have his celebrity friends, Eva, Jessica and Carmen to auction off their signed photos, along with Ken's, on EBay to raise money to benefit BefriendEB which raises money for Epidermolysis Bullosa.

When I asked Ken about Rachel's visit, he told me "beauty is not only one dimensional, like the photos or images you see of my clients in magazines or on TV".

He noted "the true beauty of these women which has inspired me is the beauty that you have not seen, a beauty so deep within. Rachel Nasuti is that standard of beauty".

Repeating Paves Salon History

Joining Ken, his beloved mom Helen (who flew in for the event along with the entire staff from his Detroit salon) were many of his long time "girls" and celebrity clients including Jessica Simpson, Carmen Electra and Eva Longoria.

Jessica and Carmen were repeating history with their appearance at Ken's salon opening. The two stars also were with Ken for the opening of his first Pave Salon in Clinton Township, Michigan back in 2002. Jessica and Carmen made a special trip to be on hand at the opening of Ken's first salon and told the press how much Ken had done for both of them over the years. It was a big deal for Detroit when Ken's two long term bombshell clients - Jessica and Carmen - showed up in town for the opening of his Pave Salon & Spa.

Jessica and Carmen told the media during their Clinton Township visit that Ken had done a lot for both of them and that they were just returning the favor.

Celebrity Guests At The Party

Ken Paves, Jessica Simpson & Helen Paves With Pave Salon Detroit Staff Image Courtesy Of Ken Paves

Ken Paves All Rights Reserved

Over 100 people attended the party and many of Ken's long time celebrity clients such as Lara Flyn Boyle, Michael Michele (ER), Staci Floor, Terri Seymour and Elisha Cuthbert were in attendance.

Dancing With the Stars Hostess Samantha Harris stopped by along with CaCee Cobb and Donald Faison her friend from Scrubs. Stephen Dorff was also at the party.

Also at the dazzling shindig was celebrity hair colorist Rita Hazan (Clients include Jennifer Lopez & Jaime Pressley) who flew in from New York, celebrity stylist Jessica Pasteur, Ken's longtime partner, Fred, entertainment attorney Lesli A. Masoner, the entire team of the new salon, Jessica's dad Joe Simpson and Jessica famous (and incredibly adorable pup) Daisy.

As Ken reported "the party was a great success, money is being raised for BefriendEB and fun was had by all."

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