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Josie Davis: Hair Evolution


Josie Davis Premiere of Lake House 06-13-06

In June of 2006 the gorgeous 5'8" self proclaimed LA girl, Josie Davis, known as "Joz" to her close friends, transformed her look from California beach blonde to a rich dark elegant chocolate.

I recently caught up by phone with the very talented actress, producer and all around performer who "loves the new hue".

Josie reported she has a hair man who has faithfully guided her through many different hair journeys (lengths, hues, textures) during her acting career which she started at the tender age of 3 when she starred in several TV commercials.

Josie admitted "she has endured Actress Hair" which is a common actor's phenomena.

Many times directors have required Josie to undergo an ever changing array of hair colors, lengths and styles. She noted in our phone conversation how successfully Nicolle Kidman had overcome the traumas of "Hollywood Hair" by utilizing a series of "fantastic wigs from Europe".

I confessed I was not aware that Nicolle had worn wigs and Josie agreed they are very well done.

Josie Davis Gen Art 9th Annual Fresh Faces in Fashion 10-13-06

Josie's journey into the world of brunettes was dictated by her role as Karen on The Trouble With Romance. The director told Josie "to go red or maybe darker". And darker Josie went, even though after going dark, she found herself being asked to go white blonde for her role as Faith Lavelle in Carolina Moon due to be released in 2007.

The actress found herself teetering between a "very white blonde" and dark chocolate for two different roles. Although the hue change was necessary for her work, it wrecked havoc with her tresses, "leaving them dry and damaged".

Josie did experience some unexpected benefits from her darker hue transformation. She is convinced her darker hair color helped her snag the coveted role of Sally Jenkins on a recent edition of TV's hit show - Ghost Whisperer - on CBS. In The Cradle Will Rock episode Josie brilliantly played the sister of a ghost who secretly robbed a jewelry store.

Josie explained she felt "she would not have been taken seriously for the role as a blonde" but felt she was "very believable in her current brunette" hair mantle.

Obviously she was right. Josie got the part and was spectacular as the anguished sister torn between her beloved deceased brother and her brute of a husband, determined to get his share of the stolen cash, regardless of who got hurt in the process.

Josie Davis Rock Comedy 10-29-03

Josie believes her darker hair, which she had never worn before, has been cathartic in other ways besides opening acting doors. Josie feels "she appears more approachable". She "loves the darker color" and "enjoys how it emphasizes her famous blue eyes". I agreed the darker color looked smashing on her and really enhanced her porcelain skin.

Although Josie admitted "it felt a little weird being brunette after being a blonde all her life" she also confessed "she loves the darker shade" and plans on "staying brunette for the near future" because now she actually "prefers" to her "previous beach blonde".

One of her pet peeves "is hair in my face". Josie likes her hair short but doesn't like bangs or any part of her hair hanging to the point of distraction.

Josie clearly understand the toll her work as an actress can take on her strands which she confessed "are naturally curly, dry and prone to breaking off if bleached".

She also understands the importance of applying TLC to her strands and has done a lot of work putting together her own regime of hair pampering.

Josie Davis Now And Thin In Hollywood Party 06-02-06

osie explained that she has been taught by her trusted hair pros to "not wash her hair every day, wash only with conditioner instead of shampoo when possible and perform regular deep conditioning." Although she does her best to follow this very wise curly hair care plan, she "finds it difficult to not use shampoo at times".

She has patiently worked to rebuild her Hollywood hair by doing a series of special protein treatments every two weeks.

Although she made it clear that she is not paid to promote L'Oreal's Kerastase line, she loves the products, especially the Deep Conditioner and laughed saying she would love to be their celebrity spokesmodel.

When her hair was white blonde, she reported that she often used the ARTec color shampoo in Cornflower because she found it helped to naturally balance her color.

Now that she is brunette she still uses the color shampoos in a darker color to even out her current hair color. She loves the ARTec shampoos and has used them for a long time with great success.

Josie has been very busy working and besides her appearance on Ghost Whisperer, just wrapped Tranced where she played Annie Bodie.

Josie Davis Malibu's Most Wanted 06-02-06

Many people remember the star from Charles in Charge or 90210's Camille Desmond. She made such a lasting impression on industry executives that at the age of 12, Josie was invited to audition and was cast as a series regular on the hit television show "Charles in Charge (Sarah Powell)." Josie played the adorable, intelligent poet "Sarah Powell" opposite heartthrob Scott Baio. The show was rated number one in syndication.

After wrapping "Charles in Charge", the straight-A student graduated from high school and battled the image that she created playing the quiet, sweet, bookish, little girl.

Although she had the option of entering USC's prestigious writing program, Josie made up her mind to continue acting and to shed the "Sarah Powell" image.

Around that time, Josie's father (an actor, artist and drummer) suggested that his daughter watch "The Strange One", the first film produced by Lee Strasberg's highly respected Actors Studio.

One of the film's stars, Paul E. Richards, later became Strasberg's "right hand man" and one of Hollywood's most respected acting coaches. Josie signed on with Richards and studied with him for fifteen years. Impressed with her acting ability, Richards encouraged Josie to audition for the Actors Studio.

Josie Davis The Banger Sisters Premiere 09-19-02

At the age of 24, Josie auditioned for Hollywood heavyweights, Martin Landau, Mark Rydell, and Shelly Winters and was accepted as a member after only two auditions. Although hundreds of people auditioned, only one other actor was offered a membership that year. Josie graduated to adult roles and quickly landed a role as a series regular on "Beverly Hills 90210" playing the part of sexy, "Camille Desmond", which she starred in through the end of the series. The following season, Josie was cast as a series regular on the Aaron Spelling show "Titans."

Josie took a brief reprieve from television and was immediately cast in six films. After searching endlessly for the perfect actress, Nicolas Cage cast the talented actress in his directorial debut, "Sonny". Josie was cast opposite James Franco in a star-studded cast that included Brenda Blethyn and Harry Dean Stanton.

She then returned to television and landed parts in highly rated television films like "Psychic Murders" alongside Henry Rollins and James Russo.

Josie Davis Silvia Galvan Hair Studio Grand Opening 06-24-03

Josie followed that success with notable turns in the critically acclaimed dramas "Philly" with Kim Delaney, "The Division", "CSI: Miami" alongside David Caruso and "Blind Injustice" to name just a few. Davis was also cast opposite Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ed O' Neal in a pilot for ABC called "In the Game".

She continued to explore her comedic side playing "Carol Cavanaugh" in the recent film "Kalamazoo?" co-starring Claire Bloom, Renee Taylor, and Chita Rivera. Josie also completed filming the motion picture "In the Land Of Merry Misfits" produced by Maria Menunos.

Josie then landed a very memorable guest-starring role in the 2005 Christmas episode of the CBS hit, "Two and a Half Men". US Weekly chose this episode as a "Must See" mainly because of Josie's acting.

Josie also runs her own production company, "3 Sketch Films" which produced the award-winning short film, "Lotto", starring Davis and projects for hip hop sensation "Triple Seven", "Kevin Federline" and Rohan Marley, son of the legendary Bob Marley.


Next up for this talented actress are starring roles in the eagerly anticipated films "Tranced" directed by "Sandlot" and "Radio Flyer" director, David Mickey Evans; "The Trouble with Romance" rewrites done by Paul Haggis co-starring Kip Pardue; "Carolina Moon" alongside Claire Forlani and Oliver Hudson; and "McBride Requiem" with John Larroquette.

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