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Jessica Simpson - Intentional Dark Hair Roots!


Jessica Simpson - People's Choice Awards - January 2006

Jessica Simpson is famous for their luscious blonde locks. In fact, Jessica's many hair hues, lengths and styles have been the constant subject of the entertainment, beauty and fashion media.

Jessica, whom I personally know to be a very sweet and incredibly talented lady, is always a good sport about sharing her latest hair secrets with the press.

She completely understands that her responsibility as a star in the public eye is to graciously share her strand strategies with enquiring minds.

Recently a well-known celebrity watcher's website publicly chided Jessica's long time celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves, for the fact that his famous client, Jessica, had very obvious dark roots. (See image to the side).

Ken Paves - Jessica's Mane Man

I had the privilege four years ago of watching Ken, who is definitely a hair wizard, work with Jessica's hair over a three day period. Words can not begin to describe the talent for creating breathtaking hair styles that literally oozes out of Ken's styling hands.

Watching him transform Jessica into a dizzying array of spectacular hairstyles during our days together, literally boggled my mind. In fact, I don't think I will ever forget the talent he displayed nor how incredibly beautiful Jessica's hair looks in person. She is truly a goddess and he is completely dedicated to always making her tresses look nothing short of perfection.

I knew in my gut that the buzz about Jessica's dark roots had to based on misinformation. I decided to track down Ken and find out the real scoop on the beauty's current look.

After stalking him by phone, I caught up with Ken and asked him about the rootage hoopla. Ken laughed about the dark root mention as we recently chatted while he took a quick break from working on Eva Longoria's hair.

These Roots Are Made For Showing

"Jessica has dark roots on purpose", the famous celebrity hairdresser pointed out. Ken explained that "during the initial hair design phase for Jessica's new movie", Employee of the Month, Ken and Jessica "discussed at length how Jessica's character might wear her hair".

Since Jessica's character works "in a Costco-like store" and "is a real woman who has a busy life" Jessica and Ken decided to go with a more "realistic and less glamorous look for the character's hair." Ken and Jessica wanted to honor how her character might really deal with her own hair. In preparation for her role "Jess and I decided to just let her darker roots grow in" he explained. "Once the roots appeared, I added hair extensions for the movie". After the roots had grown a bit, Ken and Jess decided that "they really liked the look" (with the darker root area) and agreed that "with the added extension length", Jessica's hair "was exactly what they were going for".

The people (producers, director) with the movie also "really liked the contrasting dark root look with the added length". As a result, Jessica has made it a point to avoid having her hair colored since well before the movie started filming.

Resulting in the noticeable and intentional dark roots that Jessica has recently been photographed wearing. Note the word "intentional". Which makes the attack on Ken's talent as a celebrity hairdresser completely unwarranted, unfair and not based on fact. The man is a true hair genius and one of the very best in Hollywood.

Ken also reported that "Jessica's on-set hairdresser, Jessie Holiday", recently slightly "touched up Jessica's roots, but left them darker for continuity".


Jessica Simpson not only has dark hair roots on purpose, she loves the way that they look for her current starring movie role in Employee of the Month.

Who knew that a major star like Jessica would intentionally opt to appear with dark roots? The savvy performer understands and respects the importance of honoring the appropriate look that her character would have in her latest movie role.

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