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Jennifer Hudson's Sleek Fringe - How To Copy


Jennifer Hudson All Rights Reserved

Jennifer Hudson has broken through many barriers in her 29 years of life.

Although her time on American Idol was not as long as she hoped, Jennifer eventually recovered from being voted off to winning a career changing acting/performing role in "Dreamgirls" which vaulted her to the heights of her profession and winning her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Since her time on American Idol Jennifer has also appeared in the Sex And The City movie, on the cover of Vogue and has become a bona fide hair and fashion trendsetter.

Her dramatic weight loss after the birth of her son in 2009 won her the title of Weight Watchers Celebrity Spokesperson.

To match her stunning new figure Jennifer has been showing off a range of sleek hairstyles including a full blunt fringe extending like a shiny curtain across her forehead and making her spectacular eyes, skin tone and lips literally pop.

Although Jennifer has naturally curly hair, since her days on American Idol she has worn her hair mainly straightened or with a range of weaves and wigs.

If you'd like to try a fringe like Jennifer's you can cheat and try on a clip-in fringe from Jessica Simpson's Hairdo Collection. If you love the look, you can take the next step and ask your favorite hair professional to create a similar fringe from your natural hair.

Jennifer Hudson All Rights Reserved

Keep in mind that not everyone looks fabulous in a blunt full forehead bang. You may wish to customize your own fringe with layers or a side swept version.

If your hair is naturally curly you may not wish to opt for a fringe like Jennifer's unless you are willing to have your fringe area chemically straightened or relaxed, which may or may not work if you wish to keep the rest of your hair naturally curly.

If your skin tends toward oiliness you may also wish to consider a fringe style which doesn't hug the skin s closely as Jennifer's. There are so many different types of fringe styles available, select one which works best for your face shape, hair type, texture and lifestyle.

Keep in mind a fringe like Jennifer's needs to be trimmed very 3-4 weeks to hold it's shape and avoid growing into the eye area.

Jennifer Hudson's Blunt Fringe - How To Steps

If you decide to follow Jennifer's blunt full forehead fringe follow the steps below to style:

1. Ask your hairstylist to create a similar blunt fringe. It's important to note that Jennifer's fringe is cut with the back of the fringe based several inches back from her hairline. This creates a long sweep of full fringe compared to one cut closer to the hairline.

2. Cleanse fringe along with the rest of your tresses. If your hair tends to be oily you may wish to skip applying rinse-out or leave-in conditioner to your fringe area.

3. Be sure to rinse fringe area with cool/cold water as the final rinse to amp up natural shine.

Jennifer Hudson

4. Towel blot fringe area along with rest of hair. Remember it's best to style bangs when they are damp but not overly wet.

4. Detangle fringe area along with the rest of your hair. Style and dry the fringe area first if you have natural bend or wave to your strands to avoid unwanted texture in the bang area.

5. Apply appropriate styling products such as a defrisant product or temporary straightening cream, gel or similar.

6. Using a 100% boar bristle flat brush or similar use a blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle (to avoid over blowing brands). Direct air flow down the fringe from roots to the ends. Hold your blow dryer up over your head to get the best flow.

7. The paddle brush should be used to pull bangs to alternate sides for 5-8 seconds at each side. Continue to rotate until fringe is completely dry. Finish with blow dryer set on cool or use cold shot to go over the fringe.

If you prefer more bend to the fringe wrap your damp bangs around a 2 1/2- 3" round boar brush while drying. This will give the bangs a fuller and rounded look than using a paddle brush. You can also opt to curl the rest of the fringe hair with a 1½-inch barrel iron.

Optionally you can comb the fringe straight down for a stick straight look. Use a flat iron to get the bangs stick-straight.

The key is to experiment with different drying methods and brushes to achieve the look your like best.

Fringe Styling Notes

For fullness, lift and volume throughout the fringe apply a volume enhancing product to the roots before you blow dry and use a round boar's bristle brush instead. which adds fullness rather than a paddle brush.

Apply a shine serum, shine spray or hair cream to seal in moisture and add a soft shine. Remember with shine serums a little bit goes a long way. If you add too much serum there is a risk the fringe area will look oily.

Rachel Weisz All Rights Reserved

For added volume throughout the fringe area you may wish to consider a vent brush as you blow dry. Blow dry the top sections of hair using fingers to lift individual top strands and direct the air flow from ends to roots

When your fringe is styled to your desired texture, you may opt for using hairspray to hold and finish and prevent flyaway strands.


Sleek hairstyles are sizzling hot and Jennifer Hudson combines her streamlined new figure with a sleek forehead hugging fringe.

A sleek blunt fringe looks fabulous with a side pony or with hair worn down and bone straight.

If you love the fringe look remember to customize bangs to your own individual hair type and texture.

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