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Jennifer Garner Kicks Hair Butt


Celebrity hair watchers everywhere have been thrilled with ABC TV’s Alias (Sundays at 9 p.m. ET), the red-hot spy thriller that made its debut in the Fall of 2001. Jennifer Garner, as CIA double agent Sydney Bristow, joins famous dark-haired TV ass kickers Jessica Alba (Dark Angel) and Charisma Carpenter (Angel) giving new meaning to brunette bombshell status. (Photo copyright ABC - ALIAS, Craig Sjodin - all rights reserved.)

The premise behind the Alias action packed show is Sydney’s quick change status from studious grad student to sizzling super-spy cloaked in a never-ending stream of “aliases”. As mild-mannered college girl, Garner appears regularly coiffed in classic longish bob styles. Her shiny brunette locks are often worn tucked innocently behind one ear with a hint of soft curl playing at the ends.

When Garner’s character slips undercover into her ever-changing spy personas, each “alias” is instantly transformed into an eye-popping array of different hairstyles and colors ranging from short day-glow red to long platinum blonde.

As Garner punches and kicks her way to eventual safety, her tresses remain amazingly unruffled. From thick Nordic braids to a beaded Vegas cap for her Coup episode, Alias hairstylists, Susan Kelber and Michael Gizcchiano are constantly thinking up new shades, accessories and looks for the beautiful Garner as she averts global disaster and travels on intercontinental missions. (Photos copyright ABC - ALIAS, Craig Sjodin, The Coup, Jennifer Garner - all rights reserved.)

Series insiders have reported that the set hairdressers have some hair creation help in the form of a dizzying collection of wigs in all shades and variations crafted specially for the Sydney Bristow character. This fabulous wig wardrobe, reported to contain over 75 wigs and growing, guarantees Alias hair watchers that there will be an ongoing supply of high-octane hair changes for the future. It also helps keep her locks intact during those famous fight scenes.

Which begs the question. Will the Alias hairstylists eventually run out of new permutations of styles and colors? Probably not. Although at some point the key hair colors may need to recycled, there are an endless number of lengths, styles and accessories that Garner can morph through as she fights evil.

You can be sure of one thing, while Alias writers are busy concocting heart-stopping plot-lines, her hair consultants will be busy thinking up matching hues and dos while leaving Jennifer’s natural brunette locks alone. Executive producer J.J. Abrams wears two hats as producer of WB’s Felicity staring Keri Russell and ABC’s Alias staring Garner. For those out of the loop, Felicity suffered a major ratings plummet when curly mopped Russell did a mop chop. The use of wigs will save Abrams from repeating the Felicity fiasco keeping both the ratings and Jennifer’s locks intact. (Photos copyright ABC - ALIAS, Craig Sjodin, The Coup, Jennifer Garner - all rights reserved.)

Garner’s beautiful dimpled oval face, soft eyes and gorgeous natural skin tone offer her stylists a special advantage. With her striking looks, Jennifer could look stunning in just about any hair style or color.

Although many actresses suffer hair damage from constant hair changes, Garner’s use of wigs happily eliminates this danger. Garner was recently spared an on-set burnt hair incident when Dana Hee, her stunt double’s hair caught on fire in an explosion scene. Although Garner often does many of her own fight scenes, she was lucky to avoid this particular hair scorching incident.

Off-screen, Jennifer favors classic, yet sexy, all-American styles for her sleek locks. At the recent 2002 Golden Globe Awards Jennifer looked simply elegant with her shiny brunette tresses coiffed into a sleek Audrey Hepburnesque bun. At the 2nd Annual TV Guide Awards Jennifer wore her silky locks down and held neatly in place with a simple barrette.

Accompanied to both awards by her beloved hubby, Felicity heart-throb Scott Foley, Garner won the Golden Globe award for best actress. Although Jennifer seemed pleased with her surprise win, she later confused to Time magazine that she much prefers a quiet evening munching pizza rather than hobnobbing at glamorous star filled parties.

Garner has been heralded by critics as the biggest new star for the 2001-02 TV season but she has worked very hard for her success. Although she is now known as TV’s newest double-dealing agent, until recently, she was mistaken by Felicity fans as her husband’s business agent. (Photos copyright ABC - ALIAS, Craig Sjodin, Jennifer Garner - all rights reserved.)

Even though she has to work long hours and endure fittings for her many costumes and hair changes, Jennifer accepts this as just one part of her job. She also puts in extra hours doing pilates, martial arts, running and strength training to keep her body buff for her intense TV role.


So what’s next for the beautifully tressed Jennifer? The big screen may beckon. Although her movie career has been limited to playing Ashton Crutcher’s galpal in Dude, Where’s My Car and the short curly coiffed Nurse Sandra in Pearl Harbor, Ms. Garner was recently cast as the sensuous Elektra Natchios in the new Daredevil movie that is currently being filmed with Ben Affleck. (Photo copyright ABC - ALIAS, Craig Sjodin, Jennifer Garner - all rights reserved.)

Don’t worry about Garner bailing on her once-in-a-lifetime do-or-die Alias role. The actress has publicly admitted that a plum part like Sydney Bristow is a special acting gift. Don’t expect Garner to leave TV or her fabulous wig collection anytime soon.

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