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There are many wonderful hair related sites all over the Internet. I have a whole list of great hair sites that I have found by accident or by linking from other sites. This is the first review in a series of reviews on hair related sites. I will be visiting many of the hair related sites on the web and writing reviews about what the site is all about so you can decide if the site would be of interest to you.

Styles on Video Web Site

This web site (now closed as of 2007) was devoted to video makeovers for your hair and potential weight loss. If you're bored with your current look but afraid to do anything drastic, this site offers a safe and painless makeover option. The service provided by this site lets you see a totally new you without leaving the comfort of your home. Styles on Video offers you the option to explore all the possibilities of a complete image change....without changing anything.

Note: For the latest hairstyling videos visit YouTube which has an extensive list of options to view.

All you have to do is send in a 35 mm photograph of your face and a check for the type of new image video you want. Styles on Video allows you to see yourself in any color of hair, any cut of hair and any length that you choose.

Styles on Video offers over 700 different hairstyles which includes the following options:

  • Short, Medium and Long ladies hair styles in Blonde, Brown and Red.
  • Men's Styles
  • Mature Men & Women's Hair Styles (including gray)
  • Afro-American Styles
  • Hispanic Styles
  • Asian Styles

You can order your "new you" video with either 12 or 24 new hairstyles. All you have to do is to browse through the pictures on the site and write down the numbers of the hairstyles you would like to try on. If you are unsure of what hairstyles or color to try, let the computer do it for you by selecting the computer quick pick option.

You order your personal makeover video by printing out the order form from the web page and writing down the corresponding style numbers. It is recommended that you send in a 35 mm photograph of your face only. If you are not sure about the best pose, you can send a few different photos and let them choose the best one. It is important that the photograph be taken with enough light and is close enough to include your head and the top of your shoulder.

The cost for 12 new hairstyles (in different lengths and colors) on video tape is $24.95. Save money by ordering 24 for $32.95 (plus shipping & handling). You can also order a video with a weight change of yourself for $12.95 (plus shipping & handling). A gift certificate option with hairstyles, video tape and color photo catalogue is available for $29.95 (plus shipping & handling).

This is an interesting web site. Lots of interesting hair photos to look at in all different colors and styles and cuts. I was a little disappointed in the limited number of long hair styles that were actually presented. Although there is a long hair style selection in three hair colors, they did not appear to be much longer than shoulder length.

It would be nice if you could actually place your order online rather than being required to send it snail mail and could use a credit card for the purchase.

This site has a lot of potential and hopefully will increase the number, types of lengths of hair styles that are offered on the personalized videos.

Check it out. It is worth a visit even if you just are curious about what different hair styles look like on the same models.

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