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One Name – Two Features: The New HYDRO FLAVON CREAM from BABOR

With the new 24-hour hydro skincare cream you can experience a miracle in more ways than one. It supplies pure moisture and protects against the effects of premature, light-induced aging – thanks to radical-trapping flavones which are derived from pansy and cornflower extract.

BABOR HYDRO FLAVON CREAM contains cyclodextrines loaded with water which act like moisture reservoirs, gradually releasing the water sealed in them into the skin.

The second feature is active cell protection as the skin is exposed to daily stress of environmental pollution and UV radiation. This leads to the formation of free radicals which damage the cells and cause premature skin aging. In the plant world, flavones surround free radicals, inactivate them and thus prevent a destructive chain reaction.

HYDRO FLAVON CREAM supplies pure moisture to quench the skin's thirst, while at the same time the flavones provide a shield to actively protect skin cells. This effective combination of active ingredients is the unique feature of the new light formula, which is suitable for all skin types.

HYDRO FLAVON CREAM is available in 50 ml jars at BABOR spas and specialty boutiques, as well as in perfumeries and beauty salons with treatment room facilities.

For further details about the Hydro Flavon Cream and other innovations from BABOR Cosmetics please contact BABOR at 1-888-222-6791.

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