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Student Flies Across Ocean For Wave Hairstyle


Jesse Briggs and Oxford Student

An Oxford student recently flew across the ocean to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA for an appointment with International hair icon Jesse Briggs.

The student's trip was expressly made to receive the revolutionary S Wave hairstyling technique.

After extensively searching the Internet for safe, hair friendly, long term solutions that would transform her straight fine tresses into soft, sultry, easy-care waves, the student discovered S Waves on

Determined to experience the history making new wave technique created with different sized soft rollers and composed of a gentle solution infused with 100% pure all-natural oils, the student chose to travel thousands of miles to experience the S Wave Treatment.

After receiving the S Wave technique on her tresses, from Jesse Briggs, the student was thrilled with the soft silky feel of her strands and the array of new styling options such as scrunch and go and simple wave re-shaping that the treatment provided.

Jesse Briggs & Oxford Student

She was excited to incorporate the natural hair care solutions provided by combing the S Wave treatment with natural hair care products.

Jesse's wave set utilized soft rollers and a gentle solution to create a natural S Wave shape.

Everyone was thrilled with the great waves that were created.

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- Revised Publication Date: 05/22/10

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