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SELECTION line by BABOR: Luxurious Skincare with The Highest Concentration of Glutathione from Wine Yeast


Selection In collaboration with Aachen University in Germany, BABOR Cosmetics has managed to develop an extraordinarily gentle process to extract as much glutathione as possible from wine yeast. This innovative method is notable for the fact that it neither heats nor mechanically damages the sensitive yeast cells. This means that up to 60 percent more glutathione can be extracted from the wine yeast. Glutathione is the first radical-trapping active agent which is regenerated regularly in the body by enzymes in the skin.

Suitable for all skin types and ages, SELECTION is a premium skincare range that concentrates on reactivating the skin's natural regeneration process and defense mechanisms. A luxurious blend of white wine yeast extract, skincare ingredients and plant ceramides restore vital energy to the epidermis.

The SELECTION line comprises of six products, including a face cream, facial gel spray, active fluid, foam mask, dcollet cream and two more mixed to make a single product shortly before use: the Ultimate Action Dual Concentrate and the Ultimate Action Dual Serum.

The SELECTION line is available at the BABOR Institute in Palm Beach, Florida and at various day, hotel and destination spas across the country.

For more information about the SELECTION line or other lines available from BABOR Cosmetics call 1-888-22-6791, e-mail or log on to the internet at

Media Contact: Id Kadman Pierce Mattie Public Relations Inc. 212-243-1431

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