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Men's Hair Color Tips


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Beauty rituals are no longer reserved for women only. With the success of men's "makeover" shows, men are now recognizing that looking polished means going that extra mile in the grooming department.

Eyebrow tweezing and back waxing are two accepted care regiments, so why does it seem some men are uncomfortable when it comes to hair coloring?

Perhaps it's because they're not sure what to ask for. Pam Kelly, National Director of Technical Services for Fantastic Sams® breaks it down:

Amazing Grays

Yes, some men look great in gray (what woman doesn't swoon over George Clooney), but for others it adds years beyond their true age.

If you've got a full head of gray, you can ask your stylist for the "progressive method," which will gradually get you back to your original color.

Of course, you can also ask your stylist for complete color and dive right back in to your color of yesteryear. Or add light colored highlights to help soften the face, making you look more youthful.

Through Thick and Thin

If your hair is thinning, coloring your hair will add thickness to it. It will also be shinier, both of which help men appear to have more hair. You can also try thickening shampoos like "fantastic for men volume boost shampoo."

Care after you Color

Image Courtesy Of Fantastic Sams Hair Salons

Fantastic Sams Hair Salons All Rights Strictly Reserved.

In order to keep your color vibrant, it's important you follow a color care regimen. Use shampoo and conditioner which are made specifically for color treated hair such as Fantastic Sams "fantasticcleanse color care shampoo" and "fantasticcondition(tm) color care conditioner" products, which will help in preventing color loss.

Let Your Shade Shine On

When you use a shine spray you accentuate your color as you add shine to your hair. Try "fantasticfinish spray shine" which is specially formulated to create brilliant, healthy looking hair. Plus, it is added with sunscreen for UV protection to help stop fading.

With a breadth of offerings including cut, color, highlights, texture waves, and special occasion styling, in its 35-year history, Fantastic Sams Hair Salons has earned a reputation for providing beauty offerings on the cutting edge of today's style for the entire family.

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Original Publication Date: 01/10/10 - Revised Publication Date: 01/10/10

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