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Jason Gardiner Hair Transplant Surgery


Jason Gardiner

Dancing On Ice All Rights Reserved

Jason Gardiner (born November 6, 1971) is an Australian choreographer, singer, and theatre producer as we as a judge on the ITV show, Dancing On Ice.

Gardiner was previously a judge on the first series of the BBC's Strictly Dance Fever. In 2006 he was one of the judges invited to take part in Torvill and Dean's Dancing on Ice, an Australian version of Dancing on Ice, screened on the Nine Network.

Showing Off A Dramatic Hair Transformation

Gardiner recently made worldwide headlines by tipping his hat to contestant Laura Hamilton on the show's finale broadcast and showing a dramatic hair makeover courtesy of hair transplant surgery.

The judge shocked viewers and co-host Holly Willougby when he said 'Laura I have to say I take my hat off to you - incredible!' and proceeded to show off a new head of hair on his formally bald head.

Willoughby reportedly gasped afterwards: ‘I’m almost speechless about what was under the hat!

Hair Transplant Surgery - A Long Expensive Process

Gardiner was grinning from ear to ear when he uncovered the dramatic transformation which is estimated to have cost him in the range of $35,000. According to insiders Gardiner's surgery expense was due to the fact the clinic was completely shut down to accommodate only him.

Similar transplant surgery can range in cost from as low as $6,000 to even more than $35,000 depending on a wide range of factors.

Like most who undergo a major hair transplant, Gardiner's operation was a long process which included an eight hour operation. Once the surgery is complete, it can take hair many months to grow and become visibly fully. Such was the case with Gardiner who waited nine months before showing off his new thatch.

Reasons For Sharing His Hair Surgery Experince

Jason Gardiner

Dancing On Ice All Rights Reserved

Jason admitted to the media that his baldness sparked a spiral of self-hatred and depression. He also told the press his hair transplant experience is ‘not something to be ashamed of’.

He has decided that ‘Because I am a public personality, if my story can help other people that are going through what I went through, then that’s great’, he said.

Gardiner wants to take hair transplantation out of the shadows so that anyone who suffered as a result of hair loss will understand that there are options.

The Hair Transplant Journey

Gardiner's hair transplantation journey began when he met with Southern California based Dr. Craig Ziering who has more than 19 years of experience as a hair transplant surgeon.

Although Gardiner flew to LA for his surgery, it's available at clinics around the world.

Dr. Ziering performs hair transplantation surgeries in clinics in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach and Las Vegas, Nevada. The ITC Dancing On Ice judge met with Dr. Ziering at The Hospital Group in London's Harley Street. Gardinger had the extensive and expensive surgery performed in Los Angeles with Dr. Ziering.

The surgeon took tissue from the back of Gardiner’s head, which supported strong growth, and then grafted the hair follicles to the balding parts of the scalp. Dr Ziering said they were luckily able to cover the entire zone that they wanted to and Jason is ecstatic with his new look.

Gardiner is thrilled with the results. He told the media '‘The medical technology these days is just remarkable! It’s quite miraculous what they can do these days. ‘Dr Ziering is a genius! X Thank you I’m very happy with the results.’

The star told his 60,000 followers via Twitter "I will have a second one in order to get back all the hair I lost."

Jason Gardiner

Dancing On Ice All Rights Reserved


Why did Gardiner have the expensive hair transplant surgery? He admitted to the media that his baldness sparked a spiral of self-hatred and major depression.

Since revealing his new head of hair on the popular ITV show, Gardiner has freely revealed several photographs related to his successful hair surgery.

Not only did he reveal his post-surgery hair, he also revealed his pre-operative photograph that shows the actual surgeon's markings of where the transplanted follicles were placed.

The ITV show judge has revealed his pre-operative photograph that shows the surgeon’s markings of where the transplanted follicles were placed.

Obviously Gardiner is committed to making his story completely public to help anyone else suffering from the effects of hair loss and letting them know that other options are definitely available.

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