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Hair Extensions Used To Simulate Fur On Project Runway


American Idol is back for another season and the contestants are jockeying for position and fan recognition. History has shown that American Idol contestants with unusual hair have an instant way to attract attention.

Chris March was eliminated from Project Runway after showing three pieces from his finale collection that made liberal use of human hair extensions. The hair extensions were used to mimic fur. The judges, especially Nina Garcia, were, to put it lightly, horrified that human hair was used as "fur".

Chris March was a former costume designer for Beach Blanket Babylon. In his defense Chris told the media that he was told over and over that Project Runway was a show, with the emphasis on show.

Chris showcased a beautiful lace halter top paired with a shiny human-hair skirt and a body-hugging safety-pin skirt with a wild hair vest. He also showed off an evening gown that was hair extension free.


Valerie Bertinelli is back in the limelight. She has accomplished her goal to lose weight and did it in front of millions for the Jenny Craig campaign. As she shares in her book, she still maintains a loving relationship with her Eddie Van Halen, her ex husband, and her son is doing well in his own life and musical career.

Life is good for Valerie. Expect to see a lot more of this actress in the near future.

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