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Hair Color Extension Tips


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Hair color extension is an important aspect of having gorgeous hair hues.

When working with your hair colorist to decide your best hair color plan remember that properly selected color schemes will require less maintenance then others.

Once you leave your hair colorist's chair it's up to you to maintain and extend your newly colored tresses.

Secrets Of Extending Beautiful Hair Color

Listed below are secrets of extending your beautiful hair color as long as possible between hair color salon visits:

1. Wait at least 48-72 hours before washing hair after having any type of color treatments.

2. Cleanse hair with color-extending shampoo formulas specifically designed to protect delicate hues.

3. Look for gentle formulas which are also infused with UVA and UVB (ultraviolet light) filters. Exposure to UVA and UVB have been proven to fad and damage hair color.

4. Avoid hot water which can fade delicate hair color. Use lukewarm water instead.

British Hair Awards C. Boon

Image from C. Boon All Rights Strictly Reserved.

5. Shampoo hair as infrequently as possible between hair color appointments to prevent wear and tear on delicate hair color. Consider washing hair with Conditioner Only (CO), Water Only (WO) or a diluted shampoo formula (DSF) utilizing a color maintenance formula or color safe product.

6. Keep highlighted/low lighted and colored hair covered when out in sun, wind or color air to prevent fading.

7. Minimize use of volumizing products, especially shampoo products, which blow open the cuticle and allow delicate color to escape during the cleansing cycle.

8. Utilize headbands, hats, caps and other hair accessories to minimize appearance of hair roots and re-growth to stretch time between visits to your hair colorist.

9. Avoid directing hot blow dryer heat onto colored strands which can cause fading and dehydration.

10. When using hot tools on colored hair be sure to apply protective conditioners and styling protects which prevent heat damage.

11. When you deep-condition your hair be sure to use products which are hair color safe. Some conditioners applied with heat may actually accelerate hair color fading.

British Hair Awards C. Boon

Image from C. Boon All Rights Strictly Reserved.

12. Avoid swimming whenever possible. If you do swim, be sure to protect delicate hair color by wearing a watertight cap.

13. Use root color extenders to maximize time between hair color appointments. There are several amazing formulas available on the market which allows you to color just your roots either on a daily or weekly basis.

14. Alter your hair part. Root re-growth is most noticeable along parts. When possible use a zig zag or messy part to minimize appearance of growth lines.

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