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Hair Boutique's Jeweled Butterfly Barrettes


Butterfly by Irum Shahid

Bugs and butterflies are big this year, especially when they're jeweled and in your hair.

If you haven’t already seen these gemmy beauties, then check out’s gorgeous butterfly barrettes.

The Buzz on Butterflies

Chic crystal encrusted shiny light and dark textured metallic blue double butterfly barrette on silver hued automatic barrette.

Each butterfly has 6 crystals encrusted on the wings, and crystal bodies. The barrette is approximately 3" long and 1 1/4" wide.

These wonderfully-detailed barrettes look incredible in any hair color, and they hold the hair beautifully.

Who Wears Butterflies In Their Hair?

Every female you know, including you, can wear these jeweled butterflies: great-grandmas down to pre-teens enjoy that pretty, glittery look.

HB Hair Jewels Michelle Collection Double Butterfly Barrette Light & Dark Blue

As we approach the end of this century, we have seen hair fashions change drastically from the old age-defined ‘dos of days past. These days the only rule is whatever way you love your hair, do it!

Note: For similar butterfly barrettes or butterfly accessories check out the HB Marketplace.

The barrettes are not just for keeping hair in place. They are a statement, an accessory, a testimony to the beauty that women of all ages share. There is an old saying in the theater that I love; "If you believe it, they [the audience] will, too."

If you step out on the town with one or more of these jeweled butterfly trios clinging to your hair, you will definitely get looks.

But you’ll find yourself admired, too, if you wear one while in your sweats and sneaks while out running errands. Hey, if you are going to be seen anyway, why not be seen as a fashion icon?

Testing The Butterflies In My Hair

HB Hair Jewels Michelle Collection Double Butterfly Barrette Light & Dark Gold

Even I, with my 2" long hairdo, liked the butterflies. The barrette itself is light enough to be comfortable on the head, and even in very short hair it looks great. I tried mine clipped to the side of my bangs, and I must say I looked pretty terrific.

I went grocery-shopping while wearing it, and got compliments from total strangers!

In fact, I think I’ve discovered the secret of meeting new people—wear a bug or two in your hair, and anyone will feel completely confident commenting on it.

Now, how about you long-hairs? Try these variations with your own hair:

  • Try wearing two barrettes, one on top of the other, on one side of your hair.
  • When you wear your hair pulled back, hold the back with two or three barrettes.
  • If you like wearing your hair in braids, finish the ends of them with barrettes.

There are endless ways to try them out. Just use your imagination!

Great Gift Giving Options!

HB Hair Jewels Michelle Collection Double Butterfly Barrette Light & Dark Pink Hued’s jeweled butterfly barrettes make great Christmas gifts! Don’ t forget them for birthday, anniversary, and thank you gifts as well. Say your neighbor watches your cat while you go away for a weekend. Thank her with one or two of these pretty barrettes.

They make wonderful stocking stuffers, too! Do you have a great-aunt in a nursing home? Pay her a visit, give her a big hug, and give her one of these beautiful barrettes to remind her of how beautiful she is.

If someone you know just had a baby, surprise her with one of’s lovely barrettes. Everyone else will be showering her with baby gifts, and I guarantee she’ll appreciate a gift just for her.

The possibilities for gift-giving are endless with’s butterfly barrettes. Everyone loves them.

HB Hair Jewels Michelle Collection Double Butterfly Barrette Silver Hued

And don’t forget to celebrate yourself anytime and anywhere by wearing a couple yourself!

Note: For similar butterfly barrettes or butterfly accessories check out the HB Marketplace.

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