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Gentlemen's Hair Tips From GYM Grooming


Today's Man is discovering that he doesn't have to look the same very day.

The right hair cut, some styling coaching from a Salon Professional, and the right products can combine to help him achieve the look he wants.

Sharp and Sophisticated or smooth and sexy, too cool or smokin' hot, it's up to him and the direction he wants to take it.

Men are individual and each person has a different need that is why it is important to capture that individual in their lifestyle.

The Christopher Philip Ltd. Story

GYM Grooming

Gentlemen's Youth Maintenance (GYM) started in 2003 as an idea of Chris Campbell. As a makeup artist, hairstylist, and esthetician based in Hollywood, CA.

Chris couldn't find an all-encompassing, complete Men's line that covered hair care, skincare, and body care.

Frequently, Chris' male clients were unknowledgeable about what kind of product to use to meet their grooming needs, and when asked to suggest a line, he couldn't.

Some product lines managed to cover one, or possibly two of these areas reasonably well, but not all three. Clashing fragrances and products that just didn't work well together was a major issue.

And coming from a professional background, Chris hated that drug stores, department stores, and grocery stores seemed to have more choices for men than Salons, where the trained professionals were.

GYM Grooming, a complete line of Men’s Hair Care, Body Care and Skin Care devoted exclusively to the Professional Salon Industry and most important of all, the male client.

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