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Clint Catalyst Walks On Many Wild Sides


Clint Catalyst Pauley Perrette Hairron Salon West Hollywood, California Spring 2009

Photo by Karen Marie Shelton All Rights Strictly Reserved.

In the Spring of 2009 I was invited to a Red Carpet Event by my good friend, celebrity hairdresser, Janine Jarmon at Hairroin Salon. in West Hollywood, CA.

Once the celebrities arrived, the salon, where the event was held, almost immediately became packed with wall to wall people.

Everywhere I turned I literally bumped into celebrities. It was in this Red Carpet pandemonium I spotted the strikingly handsome and elegantly dressed Clint Catalyst.

His Raven black hair was coiffed to softly spiked perfection. He stood out in the crowd because of his long, lean physique and brilliant attire.

Tying his entire edgy fashions together was a stunning red-orange ribbon positioned on the labels of his edgy suit.

Not only did Clint have an electrically striking appearance, he was very witty, charming and a huge hit on the Red Carpet. No surprise there. Clint is the real deal.

Who Is Clint Catalyst?

It's actually hard to describe Clint in just one paragraph because he is multi-talented, wildly successful and amazingly accomplished in so many different areas.

Even harder is figuring out how to pick just one of his career paths to focus on. Why? Because he is so multi-dimensional. Putting all his career talents aside, Clint is just a really great and engaging guy. This is in spite of all his success and celebrity.

American Author, Actor, Screenwriter, Television Producer, Spoken Word Performer, Stylist, Self-Described "Accidental Model"

My personal admiration for Clint is tied to his exceptional writing talents. His command of the written word, both as an author and performer is stunning.

Clint has covered music, LGBT issues, and popular culture for numerous publications including Los Angeles magazine, LA Weekly, Hustler, Frontiers (magazine), LA Alternative Press, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Instinct magazine, Permission (magazine), Out (magazine), Useless magazine, Ritual Magazine (U.K.), Surface and Shepard Fairey and Roger Gastman's Swindle Magazine.

Catalyst is an American author, actor, screenwriter, television producer, spoken word performer, stylist, and self-described “accidental model."

In an article which ran in the 2007 'Best Of' issue, L.A. Weekly referred him to as “the most photographed model of the underground” due to his surprisingly long run of editorial, catalog and print work in an industry not associated with longevity.


Clint Catalyst is an American author, actor, screenwriter, television producer, spoken word performer, stylist, and self-described “accidental model."

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Original Publication Date: 01/02/10 - Revised Publication Date: 01/13/10

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