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Located at 18 West 56th Street in Manhattan, the Riccardo Maggiore Salon is a full-service hair salon owned and operated by renowned Italian hairstylist, Riccardo Maggiore. Open since 1995, the salon provides an extensive array of services, including stylish, precise cuts, comprehensive color treatments, texturizing treatments, and makeup application, nail care, and more in a highly stylish yet relaxed environment.

The foundation for each style obtained at the salon is an understanding of the individual client and his or her lifestyle. Riccardo and his stylists spend time with each client to ascertain each person’s “look” (trendy, conservative, edgy, etc.) and how to enhance their natural attributes with a new hairstyle. Each client is asked questions about their current lifestyle to determine his or her daily shampooing/styling regimen as well as whether the desired hairstyle will work with their lifestyle and time allocated to styling the hair.

“We start by looking at clients’ natural attributes, and create a style that brings out the best in the individual,” explains Maggiore. “We look at how they really live, and then create a beauty regimen that works within those boundaries.”

After the initial consultation, Riccardo begins his cuts by asking his clients to stand, and he commences to cut on wet hair. When the bulk of the cut is completed, he then dries and styles the hair. Finally, Maggiore completes the cut by texturizing and perfecting the style on dry hair. Riccardo uses a special cutting method that gives hair the right equilibrium of texture and movement, allowing the hair to fall naturally and beautifully.

The Riccardo Maggiore Salon is a modern, open space with subtle angles that create the illusion of motion and harmony. Floor-to-ceiling windows in combination with white interior lighting ensure the most natural-looking color will be achieved.

Riccardo Maggiore believes in allowing his stylists to express their individual talent and creativity with each client. Seasoned professionals who have worked at some of the most famous salons in the world, the gifted stylists at the Riccardo Maggiore Salon have worked with numerous celebrities and supermodels including Jennifer Lopez, Helena Christianson, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Renee Russo, Christie Brinkley, Alec Baldwin, Joan Cusack, Carol Burnett, Cher, Susan Sarandon, Katie Couric, Iman, and more, as well as Star Jones, Joy Behar, Lisa Ling, and Meredith Viera of The View.

More Information

The Riccardo Maggiore Salon is located at 18 West 56th Street in midtown Manhattan. To speak with Riccardo Maggiore or to book an appointment at the Salon, please contact: Lori MacGregor or Lauren Rodolitz at Behrman Communications, 212-986-7000.

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