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Batik Haircolor Techniques


Before Image from Jet Rhys Salon

Jet Rhys All Rights Strictly Reserved.

Batik was a type of art meets craft process which was introduced in India and Indonesia during the past 2,000 years.

Traditionally, Batik involves permeating an area of cotton or silk fabric with hot wax so the wax resists the penetration of the dye.

Jet Rhys Salon named for founders Jet (a beautiful petite blonde) and her husband Rhys, in San Diego, adopted the Batik artistic methodology for hair color some years back.

Jet and Rhys are seasoned Vidal Sassoon stars having spent a combined 40+ years in the industry. They are highly respected for their pioneering hair ways.

It's no surprised the innovative and incredibly creative hair, fashion and beauty team utilizing the concept of Batik color blending for hair color.

Jet Rhys hair colorists apply contrasting tones and shiny, marbled color to the head of their clients to make their hair color come alive.

The color application method utilizes a sea sponge and cotton strips but not the traditional color brush.

The Jet Rhys Salon Batik Color Technique

At Jet Rhys Salon they start the Batik Color Process with a pristine clean hair canvas. How?

Cover Up Old Color With Translucent Stain

They cover up old color and highlights with a translucent stain. They carefully select individual strands and separate them from the rest of the hair.

Use Sea Sponge To Layer Color

After Image from Jet Rhys Salon

Jet Rhys All Rights Strictly Reserved.

Using a sea sponge dipped in a bowl of demi-glaze color the Jet Rhys colorist carefully layers the color to create the canvas, which is meant to look marbled.

Batik Color Applied In Layers And Stages

Batik color should be applied in layers and stages, starting with a lighter color for the canvas, then proceeding to darker, disparate colors and tones.

Individual Strands Released

Individual strands are released one at a time to infuse the color. The hair colorist uses cotton strips to infuse color from three different bowls of pigment stain. Color is selected based on skin tone (i.e. light honey, maple brown or spicy topaz.)

Dip Cotton Strips, Lay On Hair Canvas

Dip the cotton straps into the hair color stain, lay the cotton on the hair canvas, and drop the strand onto the cotton. Repeat and rotate until you run out of strands of hair to color with the cotton strands.

Wrap Entire Head In Plastic Turban

Wrap plastic wrap completely around the newly Batiked head like a giant turban. Place the color processing machine on a steam setting, which causes the cuticle to open and makes the stains glossy like enamel. The result? Vibrant color and tone.

Don't Try This At Home

This technique definitely needs to be performed by a professional haircolorist who has been trained in the art of Batik Haircolor. Even better? Call The Jet Rhys Salon and make an appointment with the hair color pioneers who developed this amazing hair color process.


Since Jet and Rhys invented their Batik hair color techniques they have created additional hair color techniques which guarantee some of the most spectacular hair results for their lucky clients.

They also offer the latest hair styling and care options including Yuko thermal reconditioning, natural hair extensions, Keratin Smoothing Treatments and a variety of customized services.

To request an appointment follow this link:

For additional details about the Jet Rhys salon visit their website at: Jet Rhys Salon

Hillcrest location: 3846 Fifth Avenue San Diego, CA 92103 T_619.291.7511 F_619.291.6984

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