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Astrology: Cutting Your Hair By The Phases Of The Moon - Part II


In Part I of this original article I explained that the reasons why I believe that using the moon phases will help you grow your hair longer, faster or thicker. I personally use this moon phase system to help me grow my hair.

I wouldn't dream of making a hair appointment with my stylist without checking the phases of the moon. I realize that not everyone shares my belief in this system. However, there are many who do. For those people who do want to use the moon to help in their hair quest, I have included a list of the various hair moon phases for the next six months of 1998 (April - September). Give it try. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

It is important to remember that you don't have to cut a lot of your hair to get the results. I trim just a tiny amount off my split ends during the day of the Full Moon to add thickness and during the New Moon to make it grow faster. I also try to schedule all my salon visits where my ends are trimmed during either the Full or New Moon. I want to take advantage of every opportunity to help my hair grow.

I hope you all enjoy the information. Of course I can not guarantee you any results. I can just share my findings and theories with you. Listed below are my personal Moon rules for hair.

Karen's Rules For Using Moon Phases For Hair Care

To Grow Your Hair Faster, trim or cut your hair during the New Moon Phase.

New Moons for the next 6 months of 1998 are:

  • April 26, 1998
  • May 25, 1998
  • June 24, 1998
  • July 23, 1998
  • August 22, 1998
  • September 20, 1998

To Grow Your Hair Thicker, trim or cut your hair during the Full Moon

Full Moons for the next 6 months of 1998 are:

  • April 11, 1998
  • May 11, 1998
  • June 10, 1998
  • July 9, 1998
  • August 8, 1998
  • September 6, 1998

To Grow Your Hair Bushier, trim or cut your hair with the Moon is in Leo

Leo Moons for the next 6 months of 1998 are:

  • April 6, 1998
  • May 3, 4 & 30 1998
  • June 27, 1998
  • July 24 & 25, 1998
  • August 20 & 21, 1998
  • September 17 , 1998

To Treat Your Hair Chemically (Color or Perm) Have chemical application applied during the Moon in Aquarius.

Aquarius Moons for the next 6 months of 1998 are:

  • April 20 & 21, 1998
  • May 18, 1998
  • June 14, 1998
  • July 11 & 12, 1998
  • August 7 & 8, 1998
  • September 4 & 5, 1998

For more information on using the Moon phases for planning your hair care, check out the following book in our bookstore.

Llewellyn's 1998 Moon Sign Book by Gloria Star, Cynthia Ahlquist (Editor)


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Original Publication Date: 3/1998 - Revised Publication Date: 04/23/11

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