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Anna Torv: Fringe Hair


Anna Torv

She's beautiful and blonde with shiny long hair. She also has one of the hottest leading roles on Fox/TV. Fringe has been heralded as the XFiles meets Altered States with some Twilight Zone mixed in.

Anna Torv is one of the stars of this sizzling new show and plays FBI agent Olivia Dunham.

A graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Art, which is Australia's more prestigious acting college, Anna has performed with the esteemed Sydney Theatre Company and had regular roles on several of Australia's acclaimed TV drama including "The Secret Life of Us" and "Young Lions".

Anna has also appeared in the highly popular "McLeod's Daughters."

Anna Torv

Her feature film credits include "Traveling Light" directed by Kathryn Millard and Ana Kokkinos' "The Book of Revelation" starring opposite fellow Australian Greta Scacchi.

Anna's most recent credits include the BBC television series "Mistresses" and the cable miniseries "The Pacific" produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

Anna currently divides her time between New York and Brisbane.

Fringe is significant on a number of fronts. It is the fourth TV series co-created by J.J. Abrams which includes Felicity, Alias and Lost. It is also his fourth collaboration with co-creators Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

The plot deals with a research scientist named Walter Bishop (who Orci describes as "Frankenstein mixed with Albert Einstein"), his son and a female FBI Agent, Anna Torv, who brings them back together.

Off To A Good Altered States Hair Start

Anna Torv

The focus of the show is hard core science fiction and most likely will have little, if any connection, to hot hairstyles or the latest fashions. Regardless, as one of the stars of the show, Anna's hair was noteworthy.

In the pilot Anna managed to showcase a few different hairstyles for her long highlighted blonde tresses.

In one memorable scene Anna immersed herself into an flotation tank in order to do a mind meld with her unconscious love interest.

Her hair freely flowed out behind her head creating a dramatic image. How did they get her hair to perfectly splay out behind her? No clue, but it definitely added to the drama of the scene.

Steal Anna's Hairstyle

Anna Torv

The focus of the show is hard core science fiction and most likely will have little, if any connection, to hot hairstyles or the latest fashions.

Regardless, as one of the stars of the show, Anna's hair was noteworthy. In the pilot Anna managed to showcase a few different hairstyles for her long highlighted blonde tresses.

Step By Step Instructions - Straight, Sleek Strands

Anna's hair is beautiful highlighted and low lighted with an array of complimentary hues which hint of cookies n cream. She has edgy darker roots which are the latest in hair color fashion.

To copy Anna's hair in her role as Olivia Dunham complete the following steps:

1. Start by washing your hair in lukewarm water with the shampoo appropriate for your hair's texture, type and current condition.

Anna Torv ©Fox Broadcasting Co.

If your hair is highlighted/lowlighted like Anna's be sure to use shampoo designed for chemically treated hair. If hair is dry or damaged, consider diluting the formula.

2. Rinse shampoo completely from the strands and unless your hair is fine or thin, apply a rinse-out conditioner.

3. Let the conditioner soak into your strands for up to 5 minutes. Rinse completely. Finish with a cool/cold water rinse to add natural shine and close the cuticle.

4. Towel blot to remove excess water. Detangle hair gently from the ends to the roots. Utilize a leave-in conditioner or light detangler spray if desired.

5. Apply a straightening balm from the top of the ears to the ends.

Anna Torv

6. Separate your strands into individual sections approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches in width.

Work around the head with either a large paddle or medium barrel round boar's brush on individual sections to get a straight finish.

Direct air from the blow dryer down the shaft of the hair from the ends to the roots.

Use desired brush to anchor hair at the ends and to curve around the brush to build in a slight bend.

7. When hair is 100% dry use a medium barrel straightening iron to get bone straight sleek strands.

If desired use a medium barrel curling iron on just the ends to add a light curve.

8. Finish with a shine serum or a spritz of hairspray.

Alternative Hairstyle

Anna Torv ©Fox Broadcasting Co.

For a chic tousled bun like Anna wore (see above) complete the following steps:

1. Brush hair back from hairline and direct strands down towards the nape of the neck. 2. Pull hair into a ponytail resting a few inches above the nape of the neck. 3. Secure the pony with a Blax, Bungee or other elastic style band. 4. Once hair is secured, place the thumb and forefinger from the right hand on the base of the ponytail. With the left hand take the tail of the pony and loosely wrap it up and over the base in a clockwise manner into all of the pony is completely wrapped into a loose chignon bun. 5. Use bobby style pins to secure the bun against the scalp. 6. For a soft messy style, use fingers to gently pull the bun into a softer configuration. Pull a few loose strands out along the hairline. 7. Apply a few drops of shine spray, drops or lotion to the palms of your hands and gently swipe over the top of the hairstyle. 8. Finish with the spritz of your favorite shine creating hairspray.


Anna Torv

Anna Torv is the latest in a line of hand-picked female starlets by starmaker J.J. Abrams.

Following in the footsteps of Felicity's, Keri Russell, Alias' Jennifer Garner and Lost's Evangeline Lilly, Anna is sure to become a hot hair property, regardless of the hairstyles worn on Fringe.

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