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How To Style Shoulder Length Or Longer Hair With A Ficcare Clip: Braided Ficcare Fold-Up


Ficcare Hairclips - How To Style Longer Hair Into Braided Ficcare Clip Fold-Up

Ficcare Hairclips All Rights Reserved

I have been addicted to Ficcare Hairclips since they were first introduced

Ficcare Clips work beautifully for hair which is long enough to be clipped up. The gorgeous clips are also a fabulous hair tool for exceptionally long or very thick hair.

When Ficcare honored with the opportunity to sell the clips through our Marketplace I was one of the first customers.

I have an array of Ficcare clips at home that I use for a variety of my favorite long hairstyles.

One of my favorite hairstyles involves the Braided Ficcare Fold-Up. It works great for shoulder length or much longer hair. In fact, it can work with thigh length hair. It is also great for thick or very thick tresses.

This style works great whenever hair needs to be pulled up whether for working out at the health club or looking polished at a wedding or other special hair event. It's also great for professions which require hair be up and off the shoulders.

Ficcare Clips also are great for doing yoga or caring for babies or children who like to pull hair. You may remember the gorgeous hair clips from ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

In the early days of the show the clips were worn by Ellen Pompeo (Dr. Meredith Grey), Sandra Oh (Dr. Cristina Yang) and Katherine Heigl (Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens).

Step By Step - How To Create The Braided Ficcare Fold-Up

To create this Braided Ficcare Fold-Up hairstyle follow the steps below:

1. On 100% dry tresses brush or finger smooth hair back from the hairline towards the back of the head.

Note: While you can make this braided updo on damp hair, it's best not to do this on a regular basis since damp hair is more fragile and there is a slight risk of pulling hair from the roots or stressing strands.

Beautiful Ficcare Hairclips For Long Or Thick Hair

Ficcare Hairclips All Rights Reserved

2. Gather hair into a ponytail with the base at the nape of the neck. Secure with a hair friendly elastic like a Blax, Bungee or similar.

3. Separate hair into three equal sections and braid into a basic English or Dutch braid.

4. Braid hair until the very tip of the ends. Do not leave any unbraided tail.

5. If you have problems with shorter hair popping out of the braid you may want to apply a little leave-in conditioner, hair cream or gel to the palms of your hands and apply over the top of the braid to smooth and control fly-a-ways or shorter strands which may pop out.

6. Once the hair is completely braided use one hand as a guide by placing it palm down against the back of the head right above the pony base.

7. Use the other hand and literally fold the braid up and over the first hand. While still holding the braid up, carefully remove the first hand and then pull the tail up in the air. Move the first hand back on top of the newly created fold.

8. Continue rotating the hands back and forth as you fold the braid three times. The very end of the braid can either be tucked under the top of the tri-fold of hair, wrapped around the outside or allowed to hang as a type of hair tassel.

9. Once you have the three panels neatly folded, open the Ficcare Clip of your choice and glide it over the hair fold. Take your time and make sure to position the clip so that it is comfortable with the Ficcare, as scalp hair, when pulled, can be uncomfortable.

Sleek & Glam Ficcarre Hairclips

Ficcare Hairclips All Rights Reserved

10. Although there is no need to add any extra clips, if you feel more comfortable, you can add a few well placed bobby pins to anchor the top or bottom of the fold-up.

The Beauty Of Ficcare Hair Clips

The beauty of the Ficcare clips are that they are very hair friendly and can be used easily with a little practice. They will even work with the thickest of hair.

With this Braided Ficcare Fold-up your hair can be held as comfortable and as stable as multiple bobby pins, hair sticks or hair clips. The large Maximas is best when hair is very long or very thick since it can handle the most hair.

When this hairstyle is created securely it is rock solid and will not budge when secured with these Ficcare clip. It's very comfortable.

The Maximas clips can be used by the thickest and longest of tresses. If your hair is too long or too thick for three folds, you can wrap the end of the braid around the base of the pony before creating the folds.

You can also experiment with just one or two folds, depending on the length and thickness of your hair.


This hair style can be instantly dressed up by clipping a gorgeous hair flower to one side or on top of the finished wrap.

You can also use one of the gorgeous Swarovski encrusted Ficcare clips. You can also wrap a silk scarf around the base of the pony before braiding and interloping the scarf into the braid.

- Revised Publication Date: 09/29/12

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