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Honey Labrador - Short & Spiky Strands


Honey Labrador

Born Barbara Labrador in New York, she was instantly nicknamed Honey because when her grandmother first laid eyes on her she exclaimed "what a honey". The name stuck.

Honey definitely has that golden aura and has explained to the press that "her father was Philipino, Chinese and Spanish".

Known as a model, actor, producer and TV Personality, the 40 year old Honey is famous for her edgy style. She recently caught the eye of the media with her newest film, April's Shower which is along the same vein as the popular soap opera, The L Word.

Although Honey has been in the acting world since 1995, her roles have been in films that are more art house style. She made waves by playing the sole woman on Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.

The beauty started modeling at age 17 and her career took her around the world. She has said that "modeling in some ways is even more difficult than acting".

After she got married, had a child and then got divorced, she move to L.A. to pursue acting. She ultimately became a producer instead. Through luck she was cast as Queer Eye for the Straight Girl. That opened many doors for her acting career.

Currently she has a daily, live morning talk show on the West Coast on Q Television.

Steal This Spikey Style

Honey Labrador

Honey has the perfect features for super short chops and crops. She recently has captured attention for her spikey hairstyles.

Honey proves that less is more and that short choppy hairstyles can be absolutely beautiful.

Highlighting and low lighting create instant definition and focus throughout the interior and perimeter of Honey's look.

Hair is directed across to one side of the forehead drawing attention to the fuller crown area that is created with volume enhancing products.

Depending on your face shape and hair texture and type, work with your stylist to select a similar choppy style that is custom designed to maximize your best features as Honey does.

Follow these steps to steal Honey's sizzling hairstyle:

Honey Labrador

1. To duplicate Honey's sleek finished bob, shampoo hair with a product designed to address your hair's special needs.

If you color, highlight or chemically treat your hair, select a shampoo that supports those treatments. If you prefer, use a dilution formula or a conditioning only (CO) treatment.

Note: For extra volume, try PhytoVolume Shampoo or PhytoVolume Mousse Shampoo.

2. Apply the appropriate rinse-out conditioners. (Avoid if hair is super thin or fine).

3. Finish with a cool/cold water rinse to close cuticles and encourage natural shine.

4. Towel blot and apply very light cocktail of desired leave-in detangler, conditioner or styling products (firm holding mousse or gel).

5. For extra volume along the crown, apply a volumizing product such as PhytoVolume Actif or similar. You can also apply a firm holding or sculpting gel.

6. Using a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment, use fingers to lift targeted strands along the crown area and direct air flow up the hair shaft from the ends to the roots to build in movement and lift.

7. Work around your head from side to side and back to front continuing to use your fingers to lift 1-2" sections and blow dry with medium heat at a medium speed. Do not over blow hair or spikes will not form appropriately.

8. When hair is completely dry, spray with a firm holding spray. To get more pronounced spikes, separate hair into individual 1-2" sections and back comb to get lift and separation. Work from side to side focusing special attention on the root and crown areas.

Note: Another option would be to apply a firm holding hair gel at the roots and pinch strand up to create a spike. Let the gel dry and the spike will stiffen into place.

9. After hair is completely spiked to your desired height and fullness spray the entire head with another spritz of firm hold hair spray like PhytoPro Strong Finishing Spray or similar.

10. Use a boar's bristle brush or your fingers to direct side hair back away from the head towards the back of the head. This helps to maximize the impact of the crown spikes. To get a sleeker look, apply a little gel to the sides to help hold them tightly against the head.

11. Utilize a large sized barrel curling iron to add perimeter curls along the edges of the style if desired.

12. Add appropriate accessories such as earrings, necklaces and where desired, hair accessories. Scale them to work with the length and size of the finished spiked hairstyle.

13. Finish with a firm holding styling spray like PhytoPro Strong Finishing Spray and a light touch of shine product to add shimmer. Remember not to apply too much shine product or it may act to soften the spikes.


Honey has gorgeous short strands that she wears in an edgy choppy bob that is perfect for her face and her features. Although Honey has had a relatively short acting career, she is already getting lots of notice for her latest film, April's Showers and of course her spectacular strands.

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