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Half Updo Hairstyle Advantages


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A favorite option for any party, Homecoming event, Prom, wedding or related dressy hairstyle dating back to Medieval times is the half updo.

This hairstyle is also referred to as the Half Up/Half Down hairstyle.

The half updo is a hairdo which combines tresses worn up throughout the sides and crown and down from the middle of the scalp and down to or past the shoulders.

There is no right or wrong way to create a half updo hairstyle.

Even if your hair is short or medium in length you can simulate a half up using bobby pins, hair products (gel, paste, hairspray) and you can also add-on hair for the Down part of the hairstyle.

Use your imagination and have fun and you will love the results.

Half Updo Hairstyle Options

Half updo hairstyles can be worn with the following options:

1. Without a fringe. 2. With a variety of full or partial fringes in any length, texture or type of hair. 3. With or without a variety of bumps ranging from right at the hairline or at the crown. Bumps can be small, medium or large and they can be positioned in a variety of placements. 4. With or without parts which can range from side, off-center to center parts. 5. Half updo hairstyles can combine a wide range of textures from stick straight throughout the entire hairdo or a combination of textures from waves and curls.

Jovani Prom Dress One Shoulder Purple Beaded Style #1580004 All rights reserved

A popular half updo hairstyle combines a tousled fringe and amped up crown area with loose waves or curls cascading down from the back of the crown area like the hairstyle shown above.

There is no hair length which is unacceptable for creating a half updo hairstyle. Even if hair is too short, a faux half updo can be created or clip-in hair extensions can be utilized.

Of course semi-pro hair extensions can also be added to offer an extended series of half updo options. Half updo hairstyles can be worn with accent braids or a wide range of accent hair accessories.

There is no end to how half updo can be designed to customize and accent any fashion from casual sleeveless tops to ball gowns.

Advantages Of Half Updo Hairstyles

A good half updo, like any hair style, should be built around basic styling principles that balance the hair's natural texture, type and natural form with ultimate movement and flow.

The advantages to a Half Updo Hairstyle include the following:

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1. Easy to create at home or to Do Yourself (DIY) 2. A half updo hairstyle can be modified to flatter any face shape by adding or deleting parts, fringes or texture 3. half updo hairstyles can be worn straight or with texture which offers a wide range of options. 4. half updo hairstyles never go out of style. 5. half updo hairstyles are often worn by some of the top celebrity heads such as Angelina Jolie, Zooey Deschanel, Kate Winslet and others. 6. Since the hair is usually pulled back from the sides, a Half Updo hairstyle will flatter the face and draw attention to eyes, skin and lips. 7. The half updo is considered to be a very soft and feminine style and allows the back of the hair to flow down past the shoulders in a very soft and sultry manner. 8. half updo can be worn in any season and dressed up or down with a dizzying array of hair accessories.

It is truly a versatile hairstyle for all ages, hair types, textures and hair events.


Choosing a great half updo which works for your face shape, natural coloring, lifestyle, age, pocketbook and maintenance starts with some research. You can also opt to chat with your favorite hairdresser to get their opinion of the best styles for your hair and the event you are planning on attending.

Just as it's true that not every person looks great in every hair style, it is also true that most Half Updos can be custom modified to work with a wide variety of ages, face shapes and other variables. Remember, even if your own hair isn't long enough for a full half updo, you can simulate one with short or medium length hair using hair styling products and bobby pins.

Of you can pop on a clip-on ponytail or hair extension and create any half updo style you desire. Remember the only requirements are that you be creative and have fun.

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