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MaryTylerMooreA200.jpg (3193 bytes)You may be too young to remember the original Dick Van Dyke show. After all, that was over three decades ago in the 60s.

However, Mary's signature hair flip has endured through the decades and continues to go strong as a popular hair style. Cathy Moriarity, Ellen Barkin, Barbra Streisand and even First Lady Hillary Clinton has worn the modern version of the flip.

Jenna Elfman's 90s Version Of The Flip

What is even more fascinating is that Jenna Elfman, the very talented half of Dharma and Greg, is often seen with her own version of the flip. (Photo of Jenna from Star Magazine).

JennaElfmanA200.jpg (3068 bytes)Ironically Jenna plays the 2000 version of a madcap young married couple. While Mary was married to Rob, the TV writer, Jenna is married to Greg, the lawyer.

Both women portrayed the wacky, but attractive wife. It seems only fitting that Jenna, in role as comedy wife would look so great in her own version of the flip.

Although Mary's flip was attached to a heavily sprayed and backcombed bouffant, the flip for 2000 is usually topped by soft and sleek hair. Helmet head is no longer popular and the focus is on hair that is soft, touchable and well groomed.

Individuality is also the key word for hairstyles in 2000. So while a flip is a timeless style, for 2000 the key is to adopt your very own unique style.

Jenna is a prime example of a modern, but very individualistic flip with her soft elegant shiny locks topped by a gradual but gentle flip on either side.

The Flip Of The 30s Ala Katherine Hepburn

KateHepburnA200.jpg (3603 bytes)Although she made it famous, the flip style did not really originate with Mary Tyler Moore.

Katherine Hepburn was photographed with a flip style very similar to what Jenna Elfman is wearing back in the 1930s.

(Photo of Hepburn from the book The Power Of Glamour by talented writer AnnetteTapert.)

Carole Lombard and Joan Crawford were also known to favor their own versions of the flip hairstyle during the same period as Hepburn.

The Beauty Queen Flip

Delta Burke wore a well formed shoulder length flip for her win as Miss All-American Girl and Miss Florida in 1974.

Delta's version of the flip was a longer, less bouffant version of Mary Tyler Moore's version. However, if you look at Delta's hair you realize that her look probably heavily utilized lots of hair spray,

Delta probably achieved her version of the flip after either sitting under a hood dryer full of curlers or from lots of backcombing which was very popular in the 70s.

Another famous beauty queen was Cybill Shepard who was Miss Teenage Memphis in 1964.

Cybill's 60s version of the flip is very soft and the ends are even less formed then Delta's 1974 version.

Notice that Cybill and Delta both wore their flipped hairstyles to their shoulders. While Delta chose to wear her hair completely off her face, Cybill went for a flattering side part. It should be noted that even in the late 90s many beauty contestants continued to adopt their own version of the flip style for their overall look. The flip works because it can be dress up, down or even modified to suite just about any look or event.

The Flip Is A Timeless Classic

Why is this look so popular? Because it is very flattering and it is ageless. The flip instantly gives any face an uplifting look. Jessica Alba of TV's Angel show wears a very soft flip in the photo to the right. Jessica was photographed in late 1999.

A soft flip like Jessica's can be created with a vent brush while blow drying. Use a little molding wax or gel to help get the amount of flip that you want. In Jessica's case her flip is very soft and not nearly as defined as Jenna's.

Anyone can wear the flip from teens to people in their fifties or sixties. The key is to find the most flattering flip for your hair type and your face shape.

Jodie Foster's Celebrity & Elegant Version Of The Flip

JodieFosterA200.jpg (3971 bytes)As Jodie Foster demonstrates with her flip above, the look can be used as a dressy style. The photo of Jodie was taken in the late 90s.

Jodie was photographed with the style above for a special awards ceremony where she was gorgeous in a diamond necklace, diamond earrings and a beautiful black Armani gown.

The flip fits Jodie who is the essence of style, self assurance and sophisticated good looks.

Hair Hints On Achieving The Flip

JilbereA200.jpg (2407 bytes)Most people will look best with a flip that ends somewhere between the chin and the ears. Longer flips will tend to be harder to maintain and more prone to drooping. This will drag the face down.

Flips are easy to create with a curling iron, hot air brush (a Jilbere hot air brush is displayed - approximate cost is $19.99) or a few hot rollers that are rolled upward to create the flip. Experiment with a variety of techniques until you achieve the amount of flip that works best for you.

If you want a looser flip add larger curlers or a large barrel curling iron. For a tighter flip use small to medium curlers or curling irons.

If you are looking for a stylist who is an expert at the flip, check out Giuseppe Franco in Beverly Hills who does a fantastic job at helping his clients achieve the perfect flipped look.

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