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Hairsticks: Ten Ways To Play


The value of hairsticks as a fashion accessory rise and fall with the fashion tides. Depending on the threads that float down the catwalks for the major season, hairsticks may or may not make an appearance.

Don't feel bad for hairsticks though. Most hair accessories share similar fortunes. Especially when they are considered borderline trendy.

From a practical viewpoint, anyone who depends on hair accessories as a functional tool or as a decoration, will buy and wear accessories that are classics and always instyle. Pretty much like Jackie O's pearl necklace, diamond engagement rings and Chanel suits.

Whether you can live without a set of hairsticks in your accessory drawer or not, here are ten ways you can play with your sticks if you have decided to retire them to the back of your dresser drawer or sell them at the next garage sale. Keep in mind that these ideas are not recommended for expensive, one-of-a-kind sticks or for sticks that you would miss if they snap.

Also, be sure to clean and carefully sterilize your cast off sticks before using for some of the suggestions that are listed:

1. Use a set to do "air" conducting to your favorite symphony in the morning as an instant Starbucks substitution or play air drums with your fav rock group.

2. Stick a newly sterilized stick in each nostril and play "walrus" for your crush or significant other. Sure to get a major laugh or a loud ewwwwwwww.

3. Balance a stick on two empty coffee mugs, unlit candles or similar structure and use the ends to hold hoops and anklets and bracelets.

4. Share one stick with a friend and have a Star Wars light beam stick war.

5. Tie a piece of string and a little catnip toy on one end and amuse your cat.

6. Practice spinning plates ala circus performers.

7. Create a sticky tree. Insert the ends into an empty planter on your desk and mount an interesting array of colored stickies up and down the shaft of the stick or sticks.

8. Deploy as a door or window stopper.

9. Use as a back scratcher.

10. Keep one handy as an instant book mark.

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