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Hairdreams® Black & White Collection 2007

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Hairdreams has been a worldwide leading provider of real hair extensions for many years. The philosophy of Hairdreams includes a strict quality orientation.

Only absolutely healthy, thoroughly tested hair passes the stringent Hairdreams quality control and is subsequently gently refined. The result: excellent hair quality, which in the meantime has become the Hairdreams “trademark”.

The guarantee proof of this outstanding quality is the Hairdreams guarantee of faultless hair quality during the entire wearing period. The prerequisite is simply maintenance of the necessary care measures and the regular aftercare at your Hairdreams partner.

The record is entered in your Hairdreams care pass.

Hairdreams® - The New Trends for Hair New styles no matter what the condition of the hair is your hair is.

Hairdreams® makes your dreams of having beautiful hair come true.

With their new 2007 Trend-Collection the hair extension specialist Hairdreams® shows how the most current trend styling can be implemented without any problems, even if your own hair does not provide the required fullness or length.

Hairdreams® 60s Collection 2007

Courtesy Hairdreams All RightsRreserved

During a photo shooting in the trend-metropolis Milan Hairdreams® and their team made up of trend scouts and international top-stylists have demonstrated the new fashion and hair trends on models that were deliberately chosen because their own hair was not suitable for these new hairstyles.

With the help of high quality real hair from Hairdreams® and the brand-new hair extension and hairstyling system LaserbeamerXP the existing shortcomings where easily and quickly overcome and the new trends were perfectly put into the limelight.

The Experts from Hairdreams® have identified 4 key trends which will be especially present on the International catwalks this upcoming year:

1. The Back&White Style with elegant, contrast rich black-white outfits matched especially well by long, compact bobs and glamorous page cuts.

2. The new Romantic-Style with ruffles, pastel colors and floral prints, which could be admired on many celebrities just recently at the Oscar and Grammy Awards, goes well with shiny hair that has playful curls and waves.

Hairdreams® Romantic Collection 2007

Courtesy Hairdreams All RightsRreserved

3. The new Sixties-Style with a-shaped dresses in strong colors and geometrical patterns that are best worn with the new, short and geometrical bobs, that can be “souped up” with intense color effects and/or partial, asymmetrical extensions.

4. The extra cool Rockstar-Style, inspired by rock musicians with black leather jackets, jeans and shirts, is particularly fancied by men.

Therefore Hairdreams® created some bold looks with long front parts and hip effect-strands especially for men.


With the new trends in hairstyling Hairdreams® bets on carefully hand selected real hair, that provides a soft, silky and shiny look due to its high quality and at the same time has the same feel and natural look like the own hair.

The hair falls softly and naturally, the connections are hardly visible and due to their ergonomically shaped bondings almost not tangible.

Hairdreams® 60s Collection 2007

Courtesy Hairdreams All Rights Reserved

The innovative hairstyling and hair extension system LaserbeamerXP lets Hairdreams® create the necessary length and volume to implement the new hair stylings in a perfect way.

About Hairdreams® Partners

Hairdreams® works with leading stylists around the whole world, including many top stylists in metropolises such as Milan, Paris, or New York, who regularly style celebrities, actresses, singers and models with hair from Hairdreams®.

When cooperating with its partners, Hairdreams particularly insists on a top class professional qualification. Every Hairdreams stylist is intensively trained by an experienced staff trainer and regularly trained on the latest application techniques.

So you can rely on the fact that, when it comes to hair extensions you are always in the best hands with a Hairdreams partner.

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Original Publication Date: 2007 - Revised Publication Date: 05/22/10

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