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Hair Tips: Jordana Brewster


She may not be a major household name like Jessica, Halle or Beyonce, but the 25 year old Taurus (April 26, 1980) has already been successfully acting for ten years.

(Image of Jordana Brewster at the Spirit of Independence Awards, private location, Westwood, Ca, June 25, 2005 - Photo by David Edwards - - all rights reserved).

Although she started out in the soaps at age 15, her first major leading role was opposite Blythe Danner and Cameron Diaz in The Invisible Circus in 2001. She played Phoebe O'Connor, who travels to Europe in search of clues to the mystery of her sister's death.

Her big breakout role was Mia Toretto in The Fast And Furious which was a huge summer hit in 2001. Her exotic beauty and sassy characterization of Vin Diesel's little sister who was part of the car-racing gang, captured the hearts of fans everywhere.

Since her starring role in Fast And Furious Jordana graduated from Yale and has appeared in the film D.E.B.S. as Lucy Diamond, Nearing Grace as Grace and is filming Chasing Fate and Annapolis for 2005-2006 releases.

Early Bloomer

The actress who was born in Panama City, Panama was a very early bloomer. She began acting in junior high school when at age 15 she successfully landed the role of Nikki Munson-Graves on As The World Turns which she played for three years running. She also played a supporting role in The Faculty.

(Jordana Brewster in World Premiere of D.E.B.S., Arclight, Hollywood - March 15, 2005 - Photo by Jason Kirk - - all rights reserved )

Infamous almost as much for her long relationship with nine years older hottie Mark Wahlberg (1998-2001), Jordana has been quoted by the media as saying that in high school the "company of her male peers made her so nervous that she threw up before every date."

Jordana's Brazilian mother, a 1978 Sports Illustrate swimsuit-issue model (Maria Joao), met her American father (Alden Brewster) in London while her two grandfathers were both in England as ambassadors. Her grandfather, Kingman Brewster served as the president of Yale from 1963 until 1977.

The budding beauty was reared in London until the age of six. At that point her family moved back to her mother's home, Rio de Janeiro. While living in Rio for the next four years, Jordana learned to speak fluent Portugeuse.

(Jordana Brewster at the Chopard & Elton John Oscar After-Party, Pacific Design Center, West Los Angeles, CA, February 27, 2005 - Photo by David Edwards - - all rights reserved )

When she was 10, her family moved again to New York where she lived in an apartment on Fifth Avenue, summered in the Hamptons and attended a private girls' school, Sacred Heart, before switching to the Professional Children's School.

Acting Was Her Passion

After acting in school plays at Sacred Heart, the raven haired beauty knew she has found her life's passion. She stalled pursuing her dreams because she had heard stories of the terrible times that kids have when breaking into acting.

(Image of Jordana Brewster at the Experience The Color of M&M's at The M&M Brand City, Hollywood, CA, March 11, 2004 - Photo by Jason Kirk - - all rights reserved).

Although it involved a tantrum and a bit of heavy begging. she did convince her mom to let her have the role on As the World Turns

Part of the deal she made to be allowed to act was to promise her mom that she would get good grades in school and go to college. She made good on her promise, attending Yale where she majored in English and graduated in 2003 during the same time as Claire Danes. The two actresses never became friends.

Jordana is known to be hard working, focused and intense. She has been quoted in the media as saying "I strive on stress".

Steal Jordana's Sleek Straight Style

If you want to copy Jordana's long and straight luscious style, the key is to start by washing and then blow drying strands.

(Image of Jordana Brewster at the Experience The Color of M&M's at The M&M Brand City, Hollywood, CA, March 11, 2004 - Photo by Jason Kirk - - all rights reserved).

The lovely and talented actress alternates between wearing her lush locks in a straight dark veil around her square shaped face with wearing it in simple flirty ponytails and simple updo twists. She prefers a very light fringe to cover her forehead and bring attention to her gorgeous eyes.

Keep in mind that Jordana has thick textured tresses that appear to be mostly straight with some natural bend. Adjust the style to fit your own face shape by adding appropriate parts or fringes.

Step 1: Start before you step into the shower. Detangle hair carefully starting at the ends and working up towards the roots. Use a 100% boar's head brush like a Mason Pearson or similar, to smooth strands completely.

Step 2: Prepare a shampoo mix that will work for your hair type, texture and length maximizing the potential to get super straight strands. Consider using a moisturizing shampoo like Phytojoba is straights are chemically treated or naturally dry. Phytocitrus shampoo works well on hair that is colored.

Mix your normal shampoo with lukewarm water in a clean plastic bottle. Shake to mix well.

Note: An example of a good shampoo mix proportion, depending on length and type of hair, might be 1 - 2 teaspoons of shampoo to 1 quart of warm water.

(Image of Jordana Brewster at the T-Mobile Sidekick II Launch Party at The Grove, Los Angeles, CA, August 04, 2004 - Photo by Jason Kirk - - all rights reserved).

Step 3: Step into a shower with lukewarm, not hot water and get hair soaking wet. Drizzle shampoo formula over the top of your head letting the suds gently cascade down the length of your strands. Use fingers to pat shampoo mixture into strands. Avoid rubbing wet strands. Not only will this prevent breakage, it will help keep strands as straight as possible.

Step 4: Rinse well until hair is completely clear of suds.

Step 5: Apply favorite rinse-out conditioner for type, length and condition of hair, if one is normally used. Phytosesame is excellent for providing moisture. Phytocitrus Conditioner will help to soften and condition dry or chemically treated strands. Use fingers or a wide tooth pick to distribute onto strands from the top of the ears down to the ends. Allow to remain on strands for up to 10 minutes.

Step 6: When possible finish with a cool/cold rinse which closes the cuticle and add shine.

(Image of Jordana Brewster at the T-Mobile Sidekick II Launch Party at The Grove, Los Angeles, CA, August 04, 2004 - Photo by Jason Kirk - - all rights reserved).

Step 7: Towel blot to remove excess moisture. Do not rub or ruffle delicate hair which is more prone to breakage when wet.

Step 8: Starting at the ends, use a smooth high quality comb like a Kent or a wide pick. Apply desired rinse-out conditioner like Phyto 7, Phyto 9 or similar to help keep strands soft and detangled. Add a heat protectant spray on top of the detangling/leave in product.

Mason Pearson - Handy Bristle Brush - Pure Boars BristleStep 9: Working in a circular pattern, separate hair into 6-8 equally sized sections and clip in place. Using a flat, boar bristle brush like the Mason Pearson (favorite of many of the celebrity hairdressers), unclip the first section of hair and using the brush to anchor and smooth, direct the air flow from a blow dryer from the roots down towards the ends of the strand. This will help to keep the cuticle smooth and help to add natural shine.

Note: The Mason Pearson Handy boar's head brush (available at is a favorite of hairdressers and beauty editors alike because of his superb quality and ability to create fabulous styles.

Step 10: After all of the sections have been carefully dried and more straightness is desired, apply a very light amount of anti-frizz product to the middle to the bottom ends of the strands. Avoid getting any frizz product near the scalp or root area which can cause oiliness. Use a flat iron to remove any kinks and add a stick straight finish.

(Image of Jordana Brewster at the Maxim Hot 100 Party, Hollywood, CA, June 11, 2003 - Photo by Jason Kirk - - all rights reserved).


When she was included in the 2000 Vanity Fair Young Hollywood cover she told the media "I was always the one who would go out and buy that and think, Oh my God, everyone on there's going to be a star!" There is no doubt that the stunning actress is definitely going to be a major star.

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