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Hair How To Bethenny Frankel Long Hair


Bethenny Frankel

Hair How To - Bethenny Frankel Long Hair

Reality TV star (Celebrity Apprentice: Martha Stewart), celebrity chef and former Real Housewife of New York (RHONY) is well-known for her Skinnygirl brand, her concern with being healthy and her gorgeous long, lush, brunette hair.

Bethenny changes up her long hair with an array of parts, amped up texture throughout the perimeter and lots of volume layered around her gorgeous hairline.

Although Bethenny left the hit Bravo New York Housewives after a short stay, she went on to get her own series on Bravo.

Bethenny Frankel's Low Maintenance Hair

Her first season was Bethenny Getting Married which chronicled her marriage and the impending birth of her baby. Her follow-up show was Bethenny Happily Ever After.

Besides being a best selling author, the beautiful reality star pops up on a wide range of TV programs including being a regular visitor on Ellen.

Even before she became a new mom Bethenny has been relatively low maintenance when it comes to styling and caring for her long lush tresses. Although she has been filmed getting her hair styled on camera, she's confessed to only washing her hair a few times a week.

Her Favorite Hair Tools

Bethenny Frankel

She's a fan of her Mason Pearson paddle brush, her hot rollers, dry shampoo and high ponytails when she's in-between washings.

Bethenny has told the media she really only spends about 5 minutes every day doing her hair.

For Red Carpet and other special events when she doesn't have her own stylist come to her New York apartment, she stops by a salon near her home for a 30 minute blow-out.

Although Bethenny's raven black hair always looks amazing she promises she's not a hair diva by any stretch of the imagination.

Step By Step Instructions

Bethenny looks amazing when she wears her hair down cascading down around her shoulders from an off-center short part.

Her sides and the area around her crown are often plumped up with lush volume while the ends are often softly waved or curled. To copy her long lush wavy hairstyle follow the steps below:

Bethenny Frankel

1. Start with tresses which have been newly cleansed in lukewarm water, detangled in the shower while covered in rinse-out conditioner and rinse in cool to cold water.

2. Towel blot tresses with a hair friendly towel.

3. Apply desired styling cocktail which may include, but not be limited to defrisant, leave-in conditioner and styling mousse or cream.

4. Separate hair into 8-10 equal sized horizontal sections. Dry with a blow dryer enhanced with a concentrator nozzle and a round 100% boar bristle brush.

5. Once hair is 100% dry separate into 1 1/2" sections and working around the head roll around a 1 1/2" barrel curling iron. After curling each section reroll with fingers and pin to the scalp to set and cool.

6. After hair has been completely cooled and set unpin each section.

7. Bend over at the waist and lightly tousle the newly formed curls. Bend back over and use fingers to pick and arrange texture as desired.

For a more defined and finished style use fingers and a 100% boar bristle brush like a Mason Pearson, Kent, Conair or similar and brush hair completely up and back from the hairline. Use fingers to smooth and arrange ends. Use a curling iron to touch up the edges.

Bethenny Frankel

8. Spray hair with a light hold hairspray. If you prefer you can apply 1-2 drops of shine serum to the palms of your hands and lightly brush over the top of the bun.

Optionally you may wish to dress up your tresses with crystal encrusted hair pins, contrasting hued bobby pins, jeweled barrettes or hair clips.


Bethenny Frankel always looks rocks long lush strands with a curls or a hint of waves interwoven throughout the perimeter.

Does Bethenny wear hair extensions to give her more volume and lushness?

Maybe, but it doesn't really matter since her hair always looks amazing, shiny and well cared for.

Bethenny may know her way around books, margaritas and the kitchen but she also knows how to look glam.

- Revised Date: 12/28/11

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