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Hair: Get A Glossy Glow


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Do you want tresses that sparkle & shimmers day and night? No matter the style, length or color of your cuticles, with the following simple steps you can achieve fabulous shine that will add a dramatic shimmer to your otherwise lifeless hair.

1. Rethink Your Diet

Healthy hair is just like a healthy plant. Both start with good nutrition, proper nutrients, balanced sleep schedules, fresh air and plenty of water.

Crank up your hair's shine levels with "hair friendly" food. Add good healthy foods that are rich in the B vitamins. Make sure that you get enough Vitamin B5 (Panothenic Acid), Folic Acid, Biotin, Silica, Calcium and Zinc. These ingredients are all important for strong, lustrous locks. Leafy, green vegetables are also very good mineral sources.

Don't forget to add essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 to your daily diet. Some fish, especially fresh water salmon, is recommended by many nutritional specialists to be the best source of Omega-3 fats. You can also find essential fatty acids in plentiful supply in algae, dark-green vegetables, flax seed oil, hemp oil and pumpkin seed oil.

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Note: Be sure and consult with your personal physician before making any several dietary changes.

Instead of snacking on junk foods, opt for fresh fruits, healthy nuts or almonds. Skip your breakfast eggs and substitute whole grain cereals or warm oatmeal for breakfast.

Cultivate healthy hair from the inside out. Just as its important to keep your skin properly hydrated, the same holds true for your hair. Avoid developing dry, brittle hair by drinking the recommended amount of water per day.

Supplement your diet with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that you might not be getting from your normal diet. According to Chinese physicians, you can restore your body's outside, by treating the inside first.

2. Shore Up Your Immune System

Consider taking vitamins such as Hairtopia designed specifically to increase the overall health of your hair. In addition to helping your immune system and general physical energy, hair vitamins can be taken for hair nourishment, which also will directly contribute to shiny, glossy strands.

Vitamin B6, zinc, saw palmetto and horsetail, which is a natural source of silica, will also help hair gleam in no time.

Be sure to get enough rest. Published research indicates that a minimum of eight hours of restful sleep has unlimited benefits.

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Sleeping well will not only make you feel refreshed, but it will also keep you emotionally, mentally and physically balanced. This means all areas of your body will reap the benefits including your strands. Even better, research shows that the more sleep you get, the longer you may actually live.

3. Keep Your Tresses Warm In Winter, Cool In Summer

It's a given that hair will react to normal changes as well as extremes in temperatures. A simple drop or rise in the daily thermostat may cause hair to act up Take extra steps to protect your precious cuticles from both the blazing heat of the summer and the frigid cold of winter.

Cold weather generally slows down the body's overall circulation, decreasing the flow of essential nutrients and vitamins to the roots of your hair.

To speed up root circulation during cold weather, consider indulging in a pre-bath circulation-boosting scalp massage with pre-warmed oils. Use light oils that will not clog the delicate roots or opt for a product with an aloe base that will not cause oil buildup.

If you prefer to use oils try the lighter oils like jojoba, almond or sesame that have been properly warmed. Use the pads of your fingertips to gently massage the scalp. Avoid scratching delicate scalp hair with long nails.

If you suffer from dry strands, apply a little warm oil to the dry sections. Leave the oil mixture on your tresses for as long as you like before you shampoo.

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4. Minimize Shampoo Times

Many shampoo formulas include harsh cleansers as part of their base. As a result, frequent washings may actually strip your hair of natural hair oils. Be careful to avoid excessive shampooing.

Limiting your shampoo sessions to every other day or 2-3 times a week is ideal. This is particularly true with longer tresses, which tends to dry out more easily.

Remember that less is more. Be careful not to overuse shine related styling products. Only use tiny droplet amounts of styling products like pomades and gels. Overuse will make hair look greasy which will attract dirt and block shine.

5. Control Unruly Waves & Curls

Don't be hampered by out-of-control waves and curls. Tresses that are prone to frizziness take more work to make them look their beautiful best.

Reduce unnecessary product build-up on the strands, which can make strands look lifeless and dull. Remove buildup with regularly scheduled clarifying shampoo treatments. Conditioning of your tresses adds to the shine factor. Various hair experts recommend the use of a deep conditioner at least once a week, or as needed. Conditioners not only add glisten to hair, but keep it healthy long-term.

Don't add extra dryness to your hair with overuse of blow dryers. If possible, let hair dry naturally. If you must blow dry, keep the heat on the lowest, slowest possible setting and then dry the other 20% on a cool setting.

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If you have curly hair, it's important to make sure that they are cared for properly. Well-defined curls are shiny curls. Ringlets that are left unkempt look dull and dry. As with straight hair, pomades and shine serums can add a nice gloss, if not overused.

When you must color, highlight or lowlight your tresses, do it wisely. Some types of permanent hair dyes may cause damage to your follicles. For a healthier choice opt for a semi-permanent dye.

Other healthier options include daily color shampoos that have temporary agents that will help to boost color and highlights without the harsh chemical agents.


Turn up the wattage of brilliant shine for your cuticles with good food, proper nutrition, water and rest and good hair care techniques. Always use the best products you can afford for your strands.

Remember, regardless of the length, texture, type or condition of your hair, shiny hair can be yours.

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