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Hair Extension 2009 Trends Forecast


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Expert in Hair Extensions Reveals 2009 Trends Forecast

Chicago, IL (January 12, 2009) — Hairstyles evolve from year to year and morph into completely different looks and styles over time. The “hot” trend in the hair and fashion industry continues to be hair extensions due to its versatility and immediate, non-damaging results.

Tony Odisho, Master in Extensions and President of Euro So.Cap. USA, announces his 2009 trends forecast in hair extensions.

More women than ever will be opting for extensions to maintain or enhance their natural tone, resulting in hair that is thicker, healthier, and more resilient than ever!

From teenagers to grandmothers, women from all walks of life are turning away from harsh chemicals and dyes, and instead opting for a more natural look that won’t cause their hair – and now their pockets – any damage.

Extensions for Everyone!

According to Odisho, consumers have long thought of extensions as only for the rich and famous; however this is no longer the case. New technology and consumer education is driving cost down while at the same time, increasing the quality of product that exists in the marketplace.

“Next year, consumer demand for hair extensions will be at an all-time high in the US. Women from all walks of life, at all ages, will look to extensions as a creative tool as part of their overall style look, rather than installing them simply for length,” noted Odisho.

“Instead of full head applications, customers will look to extensions to enhance a particular style or color with a modest number of extension strands.”

Warmer Color Tones

The look of hair color will take on a new direction in 2009. Shades in the auburn and gold families will become more prominent both with women looking to use them as high/low lights and as a base tone.

Extensions allow a graduated color adjustment, as the weather turns warmer. Women will seek out highlights in deeper tones at the start of the year with a gradual trend towards much softer, lighter tones as summer nears.

“Without chemicals, the health of the natural hair is preserved and extension color can be chosen more precisely and easily changed as often as you’d like,” noted Odisho. “We will begin to see less dramatic color tones and instead, the return to more natural and healthy looking hair will take its place.”

Seasonal Blondes

Lowlights add depth to blonde hair resulting in a more natural or golden blonde. However, many blondes often shy away from adding lowlights to their hair due to the uncertain results of adding chemicals to already processed hair. According to Odisho, this results in a look that is too one-dimensional.

“Due the extreme popularity of extensions, blondes will start taking more advantage of the increased color dimension that extension lowlights offer throughout the year.”

Darker shades of brown and golden blonde will be the color of choice in the colder months, with lighter shades in the warmer months. “Without chemically treating or fading their current hair color, blondes can adjust their tone and make it much more seasonally appropriate throughout the year.”

Reinventing The Bob

One of the most recent trends for women with shorter hair is a variation of the fashion and celebrity-inspired graduated angled bob. This look will continue to pick up steam in 2009 but the look will be a much more creative variation of the 1920’s silent movie era.

“We’ll see countless variations on the classic bob,” said Odisho. “With extensions and a talented stylist, women will be able to alter the angle, length, or style, while creating a look that is the most flattering to them.”

Euro So.Cap. USA certifies stylists around the country. For information on where you can find a Euro So.Cap. Certified Hair Extensions Stylist, please call: 888-470-EURO.

About Euro So.Cap. USA

Developed over forty years ago in Naples, Italy, Euro So.Cap. International is the world’s original hair extensions company. With a commitment to utilizing innovative technologies while offering product of the highest quality, Euro So.Cap. continues to be recognized as the brand of choice for salons and stylists throughout Europe.

Today, Euro So.Cap. hair extensions are available in the US, direct from Italy through Euro So.Cap. USA, a training and distribution center. The US division operates under President Tony Odisho, a Master in the art of hair extensions. For more information, please call: 888-470-EURO.

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