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Hair Dreams: What Do They Mean


Dreaming is one of the most intimate experiences that humans can have. Although not everyone remembers their dreams, every night when we sleep we have dreams that are different and completely unique.

Many experts, from psychologists to coaches believe that our dreams reveal most, if not all, of our secrets. Dr. Jung (pronounced Young) was a big believer is dreams as a part of the therapy process. Many of these experts, like Jung, believe that dreams can help us unlock the secrets in our subconscious.

Although not everyone agrees that dreams are the direct reflection of our deepest hopes, fears or wishes, many people do. Dream analysts and other experts spend years trying to understand the symbolism of dreams. Many books have been written on the subject of what the various symbols that pop up in dreams actually mean.

Recently I started dreaming about my hair. Weird as it seems I had a dream that I was looking for hairpins to use on my long hair.

I called a friend of mine, who is a psychologist, that is well versed in dream interpretation. I told her about my very vivid hair dream. After listening carefully to my various dream symbols, she said that dreaming about long hair is the sign of good heath. She also told me that hair pins mean that the future looks bright.

I became curious about all the different hair symbols that could potentially show up in my dreams and spent some time talking to my friend about these different meanings.

After taking detailed notes, I have listed the most common hair related symbols as a reference. Please note that the meanings are based on my dream interpretation friend's notes and studies. If you study dream interpretation, you might have a different opinion of some of the hair symbols that are listed below.

If you have other hair symbols that should be included or feel that some of the definitions should be expanded please email me.

I have a little confession to make. I really love writing articles for Not only does it allow me to temporarily escape from the business and software parts of my brain, it allows me to learn all sorts of new things about hair. Who would ever believe that there are tons of hair related meanings for dream symbols. I can not begin to tell you how much fun it was to research all the different meanings. If I missed any that you know of, please let me know.

Hair Symbols In Dreams

While long hair is a sign of good health and hair pins mean a very bright future, having your hair pulled indicates that there are people or friends in your life that you can't trust.

Here are some other hair related symbols that you might dream about and what they mean.

Bald: You may be feeling naked to the world. You feel your secrets are being uncovered.

Black Hair: You will renew old friendships.

Blonde Hair: Stop putting things off.

Comb: It you dream of a comb with all of its teeth it means that difficult business matters must be resolved soon. If there are teeth missing from the comb it means some additional points must be cleared up.

Metal comb: Means you might win at some sport or even win a bet on a horse.

Plastic comb: A warning not to be vain and over-confident.

Find a comb: There will be emotional problems.

Lose a comb: One of your friendships may be strained.

Buy a comb: You could be moving soon.

Combing Your Own Hair: You must take immediate action to resolve a current problem.

Curls: If a woman dreams about curls it means the potential arrival of a new love in your life. If a man dreams about curls it means that it is time to break off a current relationship that could harm your reputation.

Cutting Curls: Exciting changes for the better are coming.

Dyed Hair: You may be feeling foolish about something in your life.

Flowers In Your Hair: Your deepest wish may be about to be granted.

Growing Hair: Changes/transformations are in the works.

Hairstylist: A male's hairstylist means that people may be gossiping about you. A female's hairstylist means unrequited love.

Hairbrush: You may want a new partner in your life but you are going to have to make some changes to attract them and keep them.

Hair Magazine: Buy one and your troubles will soon be over. Sell one and you may be feeling lonely.

Hairpins: Future looks bright.

Hair Towel: A clean towel means you are fit, if it is wet or dirty you may have to cope with frustrations. If the towel is paper, you have money problems.

Hair Soap/Shampoo: A good sign for your love life.

Hair Vitamins/Pills: If you give them to someone else in your dream you will be faced with new responsibilities. If you dream that you are buying them, you may be moving soon.

Shampoo or Soap Lather: News from a distance.

Split Ends: You may be feeling torn in different directions.

Hair Turning White: Your may have hidden health problems. This is the indication that you need a health checkup.

Head Massage: Receive a head massage in the dream and all your fears about the loyalty of someone close are unfounded. Give a massage to someone else and you can expect good news.

Long Hair: Dreams about long hair are an indication of good health and good fortune overall.

Making Or Keeping An Appointment With Your Hairstylist: Give up any of your secret schemes. They will not work out they way that you want them to.

Moustache: Don't let petty things get to you or grow into bigger problems.

Olive Oil On Your Hair: A bright future at work.

Pair of Hairsticks: Something unusual may happen soon.

Pulled hair: Someone can't be trusted.

Razor: An electric razor means you should take more care. A broken razor that doesn't work means that you may be hiding pain.

Shaving Hair: If someone else is shaving their head or face this means that someone is trying to provoke you. If you see yourself shaving your head or other hair on your body, this means that a business loss could be in the cards.

Short Hair: A sign of lively enthusiasm.

Tangled Hair: Obstacles need to be faced.

Visiting Your Hairstylist: Something exciting but a bit risky is in the works.

Washing Hair In Shower: Money is coming your way.

Wigs: Omen of change. New faces and new places are probably just around the corner for you.

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