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Hair Boutique's Hair Link of The Week - 9/10/98

JerkyFlea's Celebrity Hairspray Page

I usually start my reviews with some insight into how I met the webmaster or author of the chosen site.

In JerkyFlea's case I have to start by telling you that in one of my first emails to him my spellchecker abandoned me and I wound up addressing him as "Jerk Flea". Was my face ever red, purple, and multiple shades of pink. It is not generally considered a great way to win friends and influence people by calling them a Jerk right off the bat.

Somehow, Mr. Flea forgave my "fingers-in-my-mouth" syndrome and was very charming.

What personal tidbits can I tell you about JerkyFlea? Absolutely nothing. Allow me to quote Mr. Flea directly from his Celebrity Hairspray Page "Howdy. It's JerkyFlea here with an update on celebrity hair news. Am I going to tell you anything about myself? No, because you know and I both know that you don't give a rodent's rectal region about me as long as I deliver the goods in the form of follicular flashes from famous females. But enough alliteration."

Mr. Flea's goal in life simply stated is "Giving you a firm, yet manageable hold on celebrity hair news"

If you love celebrity news you will love Mr. Flea's page. Even if you detest and despise star chatter, you will love the outrageously funny commentary that Mr. Flea provides after every newsflash. I live for his latest updates. In the current September issue (with lovely Lisa Rinna on the cover)

jflogo2.jpg (4085 bytes)
I was fascinated with the likes of soap star Mary Beth Evens. Not because I care a hoot about Mary Beth Evans Catherine on General Hospital) but because I love the hilarious Flea-biting commentaries.

Mr. Flea reports that "Catherine on General Hospital, aka Mary Beth Evans in that great soap opera tradition, recently came back to life. Not only did she return from the dead physically fit (though, if I remember the story, she fell, like, 50 feet onto concrete), but with a different 'do. Yes, it's always a good use of your dead time to pamper yourself with a new hairstyle.

Where as the old Mary Beth had between chin and shoulder length waves in a layered style, the newly revived Mary Beth appears to have gotten a two-for-one deal with Josie Bisset. Both she and Josie now have a short, heavily layered shag style, with Mary Beth's being a bit longer."

OK, I agree. Its nice that death gave Mary Beth a new do. However, I was more impressed that she got the do after falling 50 feet onto concrete.

Once I stopped laughing over that little Flea-ism, I discovered the September "feature of the month" which lists the top ten women with the best hair on primetime TV. I enjoyed this kewl feature, but I won't hold my breath about whether it will be a regular item. In the words of his Flea-ness "this feature will be included on a regular basis...or whenever I feel like it."

Spoken in true Flea-jest. Which is why I just love this site.

Not only is there lots of great wit and celebrity hairdo news, there are lots of great photos. A picture speaks a thousand words and the Flea-man produces the goods.

Each issue is jam packed with celebrity lovelies the likes of Brooke Shields, Jennifer Aniston "the Rachel head", Lisa Rinna, Ms. X Files, Gillian Andersen, Jenna Elfman (Dharma), Cindy Crawford and a gaggle of soap stars including the reincarnated Mary Beth Evans.

The current September issue has a fascinating scoop on Allison Sweeney who portrays the evil Sammi on "Days of Our Lives". It seems, according to Flea that Allison cut over a foot from her waist-length, blonde hair a few months ago. It's now a few inches below her shoulders with long layers. Why did she cut it?

Well, seems she told the producer she wanted to one day and then changed her mind the next. It had already been written into the script in multiple places, however. So, rather than endure the embarrassment of having to tell multiple actors to change the dialog because she chickened out, she went ahead and had the hairstylist cut it.

Mr. Flea even provides a sound bit of Allison talking about the whole haircut fiasco by clicking on a special link that he provides. Very nice touch.

Speaking of the Soaps, the September issue is all about the soapies and their lovely stars including Caddy McClain (Dixie) of All My Children, Kimberly McCollough (Robin Scorpio) of General Hospital, Priscilla Garity (Gabi) of Sunset Beach and Buffy the Vampire Slayer"'s Willow, Allison Hannigan. Jerky provides great photos, great gossip and great humor.

Mr. Flea does warn us "that the Soaps will not be covered frequently As a general rule". The Flea won't report "on changes to soap stars because there are just too darn many of them and most aren't really known outside the fans of their show". Mr. Flea explain that "exceptions to this would be: a) The star IS well known (e.g., Susan Lucci) or b) I (or one of you) stumble across a very interesting or dramatic change that involves a good story and/or includes before and after pictures".

Back Issues Of Celebrity Hairspray

If you are just discovering the joys of Flea-dom, never fear. You can go travel back into Flea-time and capture Flea's greatest celebrity scoops of past months. JerkyFlea makes all his past Celebrity Hairsprays available for your instant Flea-fix. Each issue is wonderful. I practically memorized the July and August versions while I was waiting for September to hit the Net.

Feedback To Mr. Flea

One thing I can say about His Jerky-ness. He is not shy and he loves feedback. Let him know if you love if column. Even better, let him know if you hated it (no way could anyone hate it). If you have a hot tip he want to know. In his own words "all raves are welcomed and hatemail expected!".

"Shout At The Flea" at [email protected].

What's Next For Mr. JerkyFlea?

Watch out Entertainment Tonight and Mary Hart, JerkyFlea is star bound and his legs are probably better than yours. Certainly his wit is. Our best wishes to Mr.Flea as his popularity zooms and he negotiates a contract with NBC, ABC or FOX. We just hope you will remember us little people when you are more famous than Oprah.

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