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Hair Boutique's Hair Link of the Week - 8/10/1998

The World Wide Beauty Store

I think one of the worst things that ever happened to me was surfing into the World Wide Beauty Store. I could not believe my eyes when I discovered all of my favorite hair and beauty products just a click away.

I literally spent hours on my first visit browsing through all of the Aveda product descriptions. I looked at all the pictures, I gleefully counted all the money I was going to save and then plotted about all the new products I could buy. My mouse finger swelled, my eyes watered and my tush ached from sitting fixed in one spot for Internet eternity. There are literally thousands of products on their cyberspace shelves organized according to brand names.

The brand names are impressive and include all of my favorites. I found Aveda, Artec, American Crew, Goldwell, and KMS. Then I found OPI nail polish. I love that stuff. The list of available products goes on forever and they are constantly adding new product lines. They offer weekly specials and beauty bucks for referrals.

I have such fond memories of making my first WW Beauty Store order. I selected my first product (Aveda of course) and then clicked on the "Add To The Cart" button. I could feel myself beaming as the Shopping Cart page popped up. I had so much fun that I had to go back and buy more products.

When I finally clicked on the Checkout page and completed my order I knew I was in trouble. I admit it. I am addicted to this web site. My only hope now is for a 12 step WW Beauty group.

After I lost my Internet shopping virginity to WW Beauty I decided I'd better figure out who was behind this very cool hair and beauty site.

Surfing through the site I discovered that Mickhael was a major force behind WW Beauty. I also discovered that Mickhael is a world renown hairdresser, hair care product manufacturer & the first recipient of the prestigious Paul Mitchell World Medal of Honor in hairdressing.

I finally had the pleasure of meeting Mickhael through email. I made a point of asking his permission to post an announcement on his site about our Aveda contest. Mickhael was very gracious and considerate. I also discovered that he has a wonderful sense of humor. He has a first class site, a wonderful store and he is fun. What more can you ask for?

Besides having the Internet hair and beauty store of my dreams, this site has lots of other great features. You can purchase beautifully designed and animated Beauty Cards with an endless selection to choose from. This cool site also sells hair & beauty books, has a live beauty chat, a beauty discussion board, a hairstyle and haircolor selector, and a comprehensive list of recommended hair and beauty links.

A new salon selector is close to completion that will allow you to click on an area on a US map and get a list of salons and day spas highly recommended by WW Beauty Store. You can also read a long list of customer raves, buy gift certificates, check out the special sales or play a game of beauty checkers.

The hilarious Celebrity HairSpray column by JerkyFlea was recently added to the site. JerkyFlea provides all the latest and greatest celebrity hair gossip. If you love celebrity hair gossip, the HairSpray column is a must. Be prepared to be very amused.

Customer service and support at WW Beauty is superior in every way. During the last Hair Boutique contest I ordered all the winner's prizes from WW Beauty Store. It was during one of my online buying sprees that I met Ace, one of the other driving forces behind WW Beauty.

Ace handles a lot of customer service related matters. I was impressed at her efficiency and concern with taking care of the WW Beauty customers. I found Ace helpful, friendly and great to deal with. Shopping is always more fun when you trust the quality of customer service and responsiveness that you will receive. I discovered immediately that WW Beauty provides consistent and caring service. This is a rare commodity these days.

When you put all the pieces together, it makes perfect sense that I am totally addicted to shopping by mouse at the WW Beauty Store. Where else can you purchase salon quality products at the tax-free, discount prices that salons have enjoyed for years? The site is SSL secure, the customer service is top notch, I don't have to fight traffic or parking and I can browse as long as I want without being bothered by pesky salespeople.

I did check out several of the competing Internet hair and beauty sites. WW Beauty always had the best deals and the lowest prices. I would always do price comparisons and could never find a site that was better than WW Beauty. This always pleased me because WW Beauty was my first love. You know what they say about your first love.

This site wins my vote as The Hair Boutique's Hair Link of the Week because it is too wonderful too miss. I would love to tell you more, but I have to rush off to their current super Aveda summer sale before the shelves, or is it the pages, are clicked clean.

wwbs_mickhael.jpg (2343 bytes)wwbs_ace2.JPG (2734 bytes)

Mickhael & Ace of The World Wide Beauty Store

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