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Hair Boutique's Hair Link of The Week - 10/13/98

Heather Kleinman's Cosmetic Connection


I know, I know, you are wondering why I have chosen The Cosmetic Connection as Hair Boutique's Hair Link of the Week. Well hang around and you will see why Heather Kleinman's site is a hidden treasure trove of hair care info.

How I Found Heather - Phyto #7

I first discovered Heather's site when I was doing a web search on the Phytologie line of hair care products. With a bit of blind luck I had just returned from stumbling into Cosmetics Plus in NYC (July 1997) where I met and fell in like with Phyto #7. This innocent little tube of leave in conditioner/detangler made my hair feel like silk. I was impressed.

While searching for more information on Phyto#7 I found Heather's review of the product. I liked the fact that Heather was honest and mentioned that she had not felt that the Phyto #7 had worked as well as she liked on her hair. Her review of the product was detailed and she explained the condition of her hair when she tried the product. I was so impressed that I stopped and read all of the hair care product reviews I could find on Heather's site.

KMS Haircare

When I got to Heather's reviews of the KMS line I knew that this woman knew her hair care stuff. I have always had a fascination with the KMS line because some of the products work so great on my hair and some don't seem to make a dent. I love the KMS AMP Volume Leave-In Thickening Cream and adore the KMS Gelatto Gel. However, some of their other products just don't work for me. Ironically neither the AMP Volume or the Gelatto Gel is designed for my thick, wavy hair. It is actually designed for thinner hair. For some reason it makes my hair look great.

Once again Heather gave me new insight into a hair care product. She mentions in her review of KMS AMP Volume that the AMP stands for Amino acids, Magnesium and Panthenol. I had not known that before and was impressed with the new tidbits of info. Heather and I had slightly different experiences to the KMS AMP Volume. She mentioned in her review that the AMP may leave hair a bit sticky or gritty. She pointed out that the product is fantastic for french twists, ponytails and up-dos that fine hair can slip out of.

More About Heather

I really enjoyed reading Heather's review of several of the hair care products I had tried. It was almost like hanging out with a girlfriend and comparing notes on hair care products. I like her honesty and the fact that she gives you lots of details about her hair, the cost of the product, where she bought it and her reactions.

If you hang out for any amount of time at the Cosmetic Connection you will discover that Heather started Heather Kleinman's Cosmetic Connection "back in September 1996 from an idea that women online could benefit from the research she was doing about various cosmetic and skin care products". It is interesting to note that while Heather is originally from Connecticut, she currently lives in one of my favorite cites (Portland, Oregon).

Product Panel

While it is obvious that the Cosmetic Connection is Heather's site, she does have an excellent Product Panel with a wide range of panelists who represent all types of skin and hair characteristics so that you can find the panelist that best represents your particular skin and hair and follow their reviews.

Great idea.

Other great features

How many times have you searched in vain to find an 800 phone listing for Artec or Aveda or even Kiehl's? If you are like me it is just too many times to count. The Cosmetic Connection saves the day with the Cosmetic Connection's Product Finder Resource Index which helps you track down the products you are looking for. You can even use the convenient search tool. The Product Finder provides cosmetic and hair care companies by phone number and websites. A great feature.

This site is constantly being updated with new product reviews and monthly features. The August 1998 feature included Travel Essentials, some helpful travel kit hints for skin, makeup hair and body. Be sure to check out all the monthly features and the reviews. Also stop by the Links section to see some of the Hair Boutique's favorite links (Worldwide Beauty & The Lipstick Page).

Hair Care Reviews/Product Reviews

I won't list all the different hair care reviews (there are too many) but I will tell you that the Cosmetic Connection provides a lot of the more unusual lines like Phytologie and Texax. She has my personal favorites such as Aveda and KMS. There is also good info on Origins (I also like the Mint shampoo) and Bumble and Bumble. To read all the hair care product reviews (very nicely organized by product line), pop over to the Cosmetics Product Reviews page.


While the title of this great site is the Cosmetic Connection, you will find lots of great hair care product reviews and information mixed in with all the cosmetic information. If you are interested in cosmetics as well as hair care, you will feel like you hit the jackpot.

Heather Kleinman has put a lot of energy and soul into this site and you will not be disappointed. This site has lots of great goodies to enrich your mind and brighten your days.


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