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Goldwell's Trendline Super Ego


Goldwell Trendline Super Ego

When Goldwell asked Stylist and Salon Owner Cary Manning to test new Trendline Super Ego before introducing it to salons in the United States, it actually created a problem.

How? Manning only had a few tubes to try in the salon, but his clients wanted to take the product home immediately.

Being a resourceful group and unwilling to take no for an answer, they chipped in and had three of Manning’s clients who are flight attendants seek out Super Ego in European salons to bring it back for them.

Why does everyone want Tendline Super Ego? "Super Ego performs in the 'real world', says Manning, co-owner of Synchronicity Salon with his wife, Shelley in Encinitas, California.

"My clients want quick fixes and fashionable looks that are easy to maintain. New Trendline Super Ego does that and more. Because it's so pliable, it's wonderful for shorter, fine hair.

This flexible styling gum has a lighter texture than a paste, but is more solid than a cream, so it creates a soft lift, fullness and volume without weighing the hair down or getting sticky. It lets me mold and shape wet or dry hair instantly. Plus, it leaves the hair movable and touchable with a shimmering, shiny finish that my clients just love."

Even better, Cary says his clients also "love the unique tube packaging. They're always on the move and can toss it in a carry-on or gym bag with ease.". Everyone wants Trendline Super Ego, and they're willing to fly half way around the world to get it," he adds. Luckily for Manning and his hair clients, it will be in salons soon.

Goldwell's Trendline Super Ego Product Details

Goldwell Trendline Super Ego 2006

What It Is: A molding gum that has a lighter texture than a paste but is more solid than a cream.

What It Does: Helps you create versatile looks.

Who Needs It: All hair types — helps you control thick hair or add volume to fine hair.

How You Use It: Work thoroughly into palms and finger-style dry or slightly damp hair.

Features & Benefits: Goldwell's Elastomer technology leaves hair clean with hold & high gloss & shine by combining the best benefits of a setting polymer and a sotthing polymer in just one product.

It creates a hold with memory that lasts until you shampoo it out with absolutely no leftover residue. It won't cause build-up, dulling or flaking and doesn't leave hair stiff or sticky.

In addition the Trendline has the following benefits:

  • Makes finger styling easy.

  • Molds & shapes wet or dry hair.

  • Lets you create unique textures instantly.

  • Gives great volume to fine hair.

  • Keeps short, textured looks stylist.

  • Leaves hair with a natural, shiny finish.

  • Helps maintain curls while drying.

  • Reshapes easily to create different looks.


Goldwell’s Trendline Super Ego comes in a 2.5-ounce/75 mL take-a-long tube.

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