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Goldwell Fast Facts: Why Women Leave Their Stylists


Goldwell Professional Haircare cares about the opinions of their hair care consumers. As a result, Goldwell often does research to try and understand different consumer hair trends and behaviors.

Goldwell recently asked more than 200 women, ages 25 to 55, their opinions about their experiences in hair salons. They asked the question:

What is the main reason why you left your last salon?

48% of the women said that they left because they didn't like the way their hair looked, or they didn't get the result that they expected.

More than anything else, good communication with your stylist is key! It's not that people think a cut or color was poorly done, but rather it wasn't the look they wanted. Before your stylist mixes a color or picks up a scissors or brush, make absolutely sure you have exactly the same thing in mind. If after the style is complete you're not completely satisfied with the way it turned out, make sure you tell your stylist so you can work together to make all the necessary adjustments so that you love your hair when you leave the salon.

For more information stop by the Goldwell Professional haircare website.

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