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Genie Francis - Wedding Hairstyles Of Laura Spencer


Anthony Geary & Genie Francis (Luke & Laura) ABC General Hospital Week of November 13, 2006

ABC/Craig Sjodin All Rights Reserved

The most beloved soap opera couple of all time - Luke and Laura Spencer are getting married for the second time, twenty-five years after their first wedding captured massive ratings.

The wedding is scheduled to take place the week of November 13th on ABC's General Hospital which airs from 3:00 - 4:00 pm ET.

It is fascinating to be able to go back and look at the photos of the happy couple when they first wed in front of 31 million viewers in November of 1981 and look at them in 2006.

It is also amazing to look at the various hair and wedding fashions from an era that is 25 years old.

Granted, Laura and Luke as well as Anthony Geary and Genie Francis have each added 25 years of life to their resumes, but they both look great.

I thought it would be interesting to compare some of the images, courtesy of ABC, of the two different weddings. Of course I will be watching the actual wedding when it happens.

Meanwhile, on to the hairstyles of the various bridal party members.

Genie Francis As Bride Laura Spencer

Genie Francis ( Laura) ABC General Hospital Week of November 13, 2006

ABC/Craig Sjodin All Rights Reserved

For both of her weddings Genie as Laura Spencer wore her beautiful hair in a very romantic style.

For her 2006 wedding she wore her much lighter blonde tresses in soft curls that cascaded down around her face and past her shoulders.

Soft bangs were lightly parted and barely brushed the top of her eyebrows drawing attention to her beautiful eyes.

Volume was carefully built into the area behind the crown giving the entire bridal hairstyle a carefully balanced and finished look.

The hairstyle was perfect for a bride Genie and Laura's age and worked in harmony with her cream colored wedding suit and stunning flower arrangement. Although she displayed a bit of red lip, it was subtle and worked well with the rest of her makeup.

Turning the clock back in time 25 years, the bride wore a traditional snow white gown and a matching view encrusted with an array of seed pearl accents.

Anthony Geary & Genie Francis (Luke & Laura) ABC General Hospital Week of November 13, 2006

ABC/Bob D'Amico ABC Photo Archive All Rights Reserved

The view was worn right at the hairline and billowed out around the top of the bride's beautiful face creating lots of volume.

Genie's hair was a darker shade than her 2006 blonde but worked well with her skin and eye tone. As women age it is often to their advantage to progressively go lighter to lighten their skin and eye tones that may darken with age.

In 1981 Genie as Laura wore her hair a little bit shorter than for 2006 but in a very similar style.

Although she does not have a forehead fringe in 1981 like she did for 2006, she wear her hair in loose curls that cascade down around her neck and past her shoulders.

For her wedding in 1981 the focus was definitely the wedding gown and the veil. With these as the focus points, her wedding hair was in perfect harmony.

In 2006 no veil was worn and the gown was elegant but understated for a second trip to the altar. The focus instead was on the spectacular floral bouquet in an array of luscious cream hues. Because of the change in focus for the 2006 wedding, the bridal hair could be a little more highlighted without taking away from the total bridal look.

The Groom's Hair And Fashion Changes

Anthony Geary ( Luke) Groom Photo in 1981 ABC General Hospital Week of November 13, 2006

ABC/Bob D'Amico ABC Photo Archive All Rights Reserved

In many ways Luke has changed a lot more than Laura. In his 1981 groom photos his hair is a light blonde and very curly, which was part of his charm.

No one would argue that Anthony Geary was a very handsome groom to his gorgeous bride.

Part of the popularity of the wedding stemmed not only from the great love story that lead up to the wedding but the fact that the bride and groom made a stunning couple.

Over the years as Anthony has aged, he has gotten even more handsome even with his hair turning a brilliant shade of white mixed with some gray.

As his got older, natural curls faded into a much shorter men's hairstyle with an absence of ringlets.

Although Anthony as Luke had a very different hairstyle and look, what is most striking is the difference in his wedding fashion.

Anthony Geary & Genie Francis (Luke & Laura) ABC General Hospital Week of November 13, 2006

ABC/Craig Sjodin All Rights Reserved

For his original wedding in 1981 he wore a very formal wedding suit that had a very contemporary edge shown by the bright striped tie and the bright blue vest.

His second wedding suit was much more elegant and sophisticated. Also it was more traditional and fitting for a groom marrying his bride so many years later.

With his snow white shirt and elegant tie he looked very handsome and debonair.

Laura and Luke did it again. They created the perfect storybook couple finding true love and celebrating it in a very romantic way with a fairytale wedding.

Published reports noted that both Genie and Anthony were leery of returning to their roles and replaying the wedding that made them so famous in 1981.

However, they both commented after the fact how important the event was in daytime television history. Ultimately they both agreed the second wedding was a good thing.


With the many critical and troubling events that are happening in our world we all need a little bit of fantasy. And what better way to fantasize than with our favorite soap opera couple - Luke and Laura.

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