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Floral Hairpin Hair Accessories - How To Wear


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Floral hairpin hair accessories will never go out of fashion. Celebrities from Drew Barrymore to Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have been wearing flowers in their hair for eons.

After all, flowers are Nature's ultimate hair accessory. Why not rock them?

The key to wearing floral hairpin hair accessories is knowing how to wear them so they complement your hair length, style and color. Also, your hairpin hair accessories should work with your fashions.

Amy Adams Floral Hairpin Hair Accessories

Actress Amy Adams has gorgeous strawberry blonde hair which she often wears in an array of sensuous ponytails.

Amy is rarely spotted wearing hair accessories. However, in the past, she turned up the wow factor when she paired a relatively subdued black knee-length outfit with a stunning large orchid hair pin.

The beautiful floral hairpin hair accessory was a shimmering silver orchid mounted on a double pronged open hair pin to one side of her sleek ponytail.

Amy provided a perfect example of how to position a large hair flower next to the base of a ponytail to create a dramatic look without disrupting the base of the pony.

From certain angles, the large flat orchid, which was made out of shiny silver metal and python leather, fit so snugly against Amy's scalp it was hard to spot except from the side.

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For anyone who wants to wear a dramatic hair accessory without being too flamboyant, a flower positioned like Amy's would be the perfect embellishment.

When Selecting A Flower Hair Accessory

Amy Adams DC Media All Rights Reserved


When selecting a flower hair accessory, whether it's attached to an open hair pin, bobby pin, alligator clip, barrette, headband or pony elastic, select a piece that works with your face shape, hair color, hair length and the event you're attending.

A dramatic sophisticated flower accessory like Amy wore in the past worked perfectly with her sassy ponytail.

Amy's hair transitioned from a sultry ponytail to a polished and elegant look courtesy of her stunning hair accessory.

Properly Position Flower Hair Accessories

To properly position an orchid hairpin like Amy's accessory simply slide it into either the base or the top of the ponytail.

Securely anchor the open hair pin with one or two small bobby pins in the same color as your hair. Pin them so that they do not show against the hair accessory.

Some fans of floral hair accessories prefer to wear gorgeous designs mounted on a small jaw clip rather than an open U shaped hairpin or traditional bobby pin.

While floral hair clips are perfect for sliding into a ponytail and can be anchored with companion bobby pins, some people just naturally prefer alligator clips or even barrettes. Hair clips and barrettes do have the advantage of offering a more secure attachment to strands.

Tarina Tarantino Gothic Lolita Anywhere Clip Mounted On Hair Clip All Rights Reserved


Tarina Tarantino's Floral Hair Accessories

Depending upon the length and texture of your hair there are a wide range of gorgeous floral hair accessories to select from.

There are also a wide range of amazingly talented hair accessories designers who offer floral hair pins, hair clips and similar.

The Tarina Tarantino Anywhere Clip

One example of a great hair accessory designer who creates amazing floral design is Tarina Tarantino. She is known for her frothy tulle flowers like the one shown to the side.

The hand crafted tulle floral Anywhere Clip features a tiny Lucite cameo, glass pearls and a sprinkling of crystals with a large geometric Swarovski crystal in the center. It's an eye popping floral hair accessory design.

The gorgeous Anywhere Clip floral hair accessory measures approximately 3" across. It's attached to a salon-style clip on the back and is available in a wide array of eye popping hues. Although you can find floral hair accessories in a wide range of options, no one does high fashion hair accessories like Tarina Tarantino


Floral hairpin hair accessories will never go out of fashion. Hair accessories embellished with flowers can mean the difference between a ho-hum hairstyle and a spectacular one. Even better, floral hairpins are available in every imaginable color, size, shape, design and price range.

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