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Flaky Scalp & Hair Product Build-up


Flaky scalp combined with hair care product building can be a challenge for many hair consumers.

Although one major cause of flaking from the scalp area is dandruff, it is not the only cause. A variety of factors not directly related to dandruff ultimately contribute to this ongoing issue.

Some of the flaky scalp factors at play include:

1. Selecting and using the wrong hair care products for your hair type, texture, condition and needs 2. Opting for the correct products but applying them incorrectly 3. Utilizing hair care products with alcohol or similar bases which can leave a residue on tresses, ultimately building up on the scalp. 4. Ignoring dry scalp or ongoing scalp irritations which can result in visible flaking. 5. Cleansing hair with hot water which can dry out the skin, scalp and strands. Dry scalp is much more prone to flaking than properly moisturized strands. 6. Scalp experts have linked nutritional deficiencies to flaking scalp. An lack of vitamin B, essential fatty acids

What to do?

1. Opt for scalp treatments which are gentle and help to eliminate dry skin from the scalp. 2. Increase amount of moisture applied to the scalp to help sooth and condition. 3. Dump products with strong alcohol or other drying base. 4. Look for deep conditioning treatments which assist in helping to strengthen the hair from the inner cortex out to the surface.


It is normal for dead skin cells to be lost from the scalp on a daily basis. However, when an excessive amount of dead skin cells are formed and lost, the cells will form clumps consisting of flakes which are known as dandruff. The clumping skin cells can be a range of color from white to different shades of gray.

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