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Extremely Long Hair Bangs


Hairstyle by Michael Barnes London

Photography by Paul Godfrey Make-up by Gemma Sutton All rights reserved

Bangs come and go into hair fashion on a regular basis due to a variety of factors. Bangs may become a hot new hair trend when they are featured on the Fashion Catwalks, celebrity red carpets or through other hair shows.

The introduction of the clip-in hair bangs a few years ago made the hair fringe, as it's called in the UK, a very popular hair style.

In the past, when you decided to wear a hair fringe it meant cutting your hair into a forehead hugging hair curtain.

Of course hair grows and one of the biggest challenges of wearing a hair fringe is the painful growing out stages.

The advantage to clip-in bangs is that you can wear your own hair without a fringe but clip on a set of bangs to instantly change up your hairstyle in a snap.

Extremely Long Bangs

Hairstylists are often challenged to push the hair envelope in a wide range of directions.

Michael Barnes is a renowned London based hairstylist who creates stunning hair designs. One of his noteworthy hairstyles combined an extremely long hair fringe with a clip-in thick braid encircling the head. The braid created a stunning contrast to the below-the-nose full frontal forehead hugging bang.

Sandra Bullock 2011

DC Media All Rights Reserved

Is an extremely long fringe a good hairstyle or not? It depends on a variety of factors ranging from how comfortable someone might be wearing their fringe covering their eyes to how a long fringe might look with the rest of the hair.

Sandra Bullock who has naturally curly hair received mixed reactions when she wore very long bangs to the 2011 Golden Globe Awards. Many hair experts felt the bangs were too long, overshadowed her eyes and had too much of a boxy look.

Fringes Work Better For Some Textures Than Others

Fringes also work best for some hair types and textures than others. Naturally curly, wavy or kinky tresses are not well suited for wearing natural fringes since the bang hair would tend to shrink and frizz.

Of course clip-in bangs are always an option for people with natural tresses.

Should You Grow Your Own Bangs Or Clip Them In?

Listed below are factors to consider when deciding whether you should cut your own bangs or clip them in:

  1. Real bangs demand regular trims and upkeep. Even if your stylist offers free bang trims do you have the time to stop in for a trim? Clip in bangs never grow.
  2. If you grow real bangs and you don't have time to visit your stylist for trims, do you have the initiative or talent to trim your own fringe? Clip in bangs don't need to be trimmed
  3. If you have naturally textured hair do you have the time and patience to blow them out straight? Or are you willing to have a fringe cut below your chin to allow for shrinkage. Clip-in bangs are usually always the same texture unless you decide to change it.
  4. Bangs have to be styled first since they dry faster and can get crazy if styled at the end. Clip-in bangs can be added at the very end of a styling session.
  5. A paddle brush works best for drying bangs straight. If you don't have one are you willing to invest in a good one? 100% boars bristle works best. Clip-in bangs don't require blow drying or special paddle brushes. They can be smoothed with fingers or a regular brush.
  6. You will also need to invest in a good flat-iron to keep bangs straight. Especially long ones like shown above. The longer the fringe the more risk for crinkles, wrinkles and bends. Unless clip-in bangs are 100% human or contain a special fiber they can't be hot ironed.
  7. Extremely long bangs look best on hair which is medium to thick. In general bangs don't look as good when created on hair which is thin, fine or wispy. Clip-in bangs are available in a range of styles on hair that is medium.
  8. Real bangs should be slightly layered or shaped to avoid a boxy look. Clip-in bangs are designed to look natural and avoid that dreaded boxy look.

Sandra Bullock in 2007

DC Media All rights reserved


The introduction of clip-in bangs have made it possible for the a bang enhanced hairstyle to never go out of style.

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