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Eva Longoria Parker's Hair History


Eva Longoria Parker 2008 ALMA Awards Nominees Press Conference 07-21-08

Recently Eva Longoria Parker was the hostess of the 2008 ALMA Awards showcasing an eye popping array of gowns accessorized with an equally amazing collection of carefully created hairstyles.

As always, Eva oozed grace, beauty and spectacular glamour. She even took to the dance floor performing with the Black Eyed Peas.

It's no surprise Eva captured headlines after the 2008 ALMA Awards. Nor was it any shock when the media recently buzzed with news of Eva's most recent shorter haircut.

Contrary to some random speculations, Eva's spectacularly sleek chin-length bob was not related to Gabriella, her character on Desperate Housewives.

With the latest snap-on hair extensions, clip-in chignons and other fabulous hair accessories, within reason, Eva now has the freedom offset, to wear her hair the way she desires.

Eva Longoria Parker Whaleman Foundation Benefit 08-10-08

The new hairstyle was a true reflection of Eva's ongoing evolution as a world class beauty, hairstyle trend setter, fashion leader and glamour girl.

Eva's Haircut - A Long Time Coming

According to Eva's long time Super Celebrity Hairdresser, Ken Paves, the lovely actress "had been wearing a short ten inch Hairdo bob hairstyle, which was usually pulled back into a very messy half ponytail. As Ken explained that hairstyle "created a less glamorous look" which was in keeping with Gabriella's character at that point.

In truth, Ken continued "Eva had been wanting to cut her hair short for some time". Not only did Eva yearn for a shorter, sassier style but her husband Tony Parker, "liked the idea of short hair" on his stunning wife.

Eva Longoria Parker 2008 ALMA Awards 08-17-08

After "shooting the new Desperate Housewives Season's promos, Eva and Ken retreated to the Parker household" where Tony was waiting.

In a "fun and exciting new twist" Ken suggested Tony take the scissors and make "the first cut" on his wife's tresses, since he was "into cutting her hair". Instructing Tony "how to comb the hair down and hold it in place at the nape of the neck", the star athlete proved his finesse with the scissors.

Indeed, not only did he show a natural knack for cutting, Ken praised his ability to "quickly pick up how to cut Eva's hair", even taking the time to "check his work".

Working together, the celebrity hairdresser and basketball star "pulled the side sections of Eva's hair back and into the nape of the neck for a gorgeous graduated front.".

Eva Longoria Parker Ken Paves PADRES Contra El Cancer 7th Annual Fund Raising Gala 10-18-07

When Tony was finished with the basic cut, Ken "stepped in to create the final clean-up".

Ken marveled at "Eva's amazing hair which is super thick" which required a lot of cutting to create the appropriate taper". After the cut was finished Ken whipped out his famous styling tools and "flat ironed Eva's new hairstyle to create shimmering sleekness".

Cut & Color

Since Ken and Eva had been planning her hair makeover in advance, they had also "planned to color Eva's hair after cutting it". Ken's stylist Marissa (from the Ken Paves Salon in Beverly Hills) who normally colors Eva's hair, was standing by with her color formulas.

After the cut was finished and hot ironed, Ken revealed "Eva's color looked amazing without any additional adjustments from Marissa".

The new haircut was a big hit. Ken reported "Eva and her husband love it" which is no surprise since as Ken noted "the new look is sleek, modern and incredibly sexy!".

Setting The Hair Record Straight

Eva Longoria VH1 Big in 04 12-01-04

When I asked Ken - one of my all time favorite Super Celeb Hair Maestros - why the media reported that Eva's short haircut was created for her Housewife character Gabriella, he commented "of course some of the lazier magazines and blogs who knew perfectly well that Eva arose with this sleek look first and explained that it was because the shorter hair could be worn more "frumpy" on the show chose to wait and capture a look after a day on set with "frumpy" hair to compare it against her previous uber-glamourous long locks."

Eva Longoria Parker 14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Award Arrivals 01-27-08

Ken, who thinks Eva looks "genius" with her sexy new cut, was disappointed the media could only "find a negative spin" on Eva's new haircut "to make it easier for them to look into the mirror, but also to take away the courage of their readers to make a change that they may actually enjoy". Just because the media themselves might be "stuck in a rut" is intimated by Eva's courage to make a change".

Ken challenges the media to work with more dignity, honesty, and know what they say about those who need to make others feel bad about themselves in order to feel good about themselves...SAD!

imberly actually loves when her hair is "big", the "bigger and fluffier the better" she laughed. But she doesn't enjoy frizz and finds other hair obstacles in her budding roller skating career.

Eva Longoria 2007 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall Collection - Day 1 03-18-07

Of course the humidity in California is nothing like Florida but it can roll in.

For a couple of years she worked the straightening circuit by using a blow drying and curling iron but she admitted it could take her 2 hours just to get her hair blow dried and straightened.

Takes her a really long time to detangle.

She has stashed some really great hair care tips over the years since her hair has to look great when she is performing. Obviously roller skating has its challenges for her tresses.

Eva Longoria "El Cantante" Los Angeles Premiere 07-31-07

She has collected an eclectic array of hair care secrets and tips for keeping her strands looking gorgeous.

1. Shampoos with Bumble & Bumle shampoo. 2. Rinses out the shampoo and then slathers with lots of rinse out conditioner. Focuses a lot of the conditioning product on the ends where the damage is most likely to occur. 3. Does a final rinse. 4. Towel blots. 5. Sprays her entire damp head with Aveda Damage Control> 6. Applies Bumble & Bumble Tonic lotion and then finishes with TIGI Bedhead - After Party to help soften her cuticles so that they lay smoothly. 7. Detangles carefully with a wide tooth comb - which can take her up to an hour or so. 8. Lets hair partially air dry and then might dry slightly with a diffuser around the edges and underneath to remove rest of moisture.

Eva Longoria Padres Contra El Cancer 20th Anniversary Gala 03-31-05

She loves to shampoo every day even though she knows its not the best. She tries to shampoo every other day when she can.

She has her own personal Glam Squad for Red Carpet Events that come to her house or whever she is getting dressed to make sure her hair looks picture perfect for her performances and the camera.

Eva Longoria 2nd Annual Lingerie Art Auction & Fashion Show 10-20-04

Her best hair secret: Once her hair is completely detangled, which she does very carefully and she has it smoother she turns on the shower in her bathroom at a hot temperature to create steam. She leaves the show door open and stands by the shower.

She lets the water lightly "spritz" her strands from the inside of the shower and then separates and defines her curls with her medium sized curling iron. The curls turn out "amazing" and perfectly formed and separated. She closes the bathroom door to hold the steam in.

This whole operation takes about 3 minutes to take perfect effect. No muss, no fuss.

When she has had a hard day working out at the gym she can go home and do the "shower trick" and her hair turns out perfectly. In her opinion this works even better than using a curling iron, which she says is not as good as the shower trick.

Eva Longoria The Young Hollywood Votes Party 10-13-04

It provides the perfect balance of humidity so she gets well formed soft and moist curls without the frizz or tangles.

When she has a major hair event, she goes to her "hair people".

Straightening her hair with an iron can take two hours or longer.

Eva Longoria Desperate Housewives Series Premiere Party 10-03-04

The shower trick gives her "big puffy hair" but it doesn't look frizzy. It is smooth and well defined.

Since she was 14 years old she has been going to Kevin she calls "Kev" for her hair color. He is an "amazing colorist" and does really good color and deep conditioning treatments.

Kev owns the salon in Orange County - Salon Canvas. She loves blonde around her face and adores "subtle blonde highlights". Salon is on Warner in Huntington Beach.

Her hair is naturally light to medium brunette with a hint of red undertones.

When Kev does her hair he uses foils although she is "open to new techniques" and would be open to "hair painting".

Eva Longoria ABC Primetime Preview Weekend Day One 09-11-04

She is very loyal and wants to stick with her hair squad but would be open to working with a celebrity hair dresser.

Her hair idol? Jessica Simpson, who she worked with on Jessica's roller skating video. She also saw Ken Paves and admires his work with Jessica's hair and would love to work with him.

Loves to play with her hair and learn new tricks. Hair trauma - too blonde - broke off and chemicals damage.

Spent last 6 years dancing/performing and is excited to see her career converging as a skater, singer and it is all coming together.

She wants to protect her hair and she believes Jessica is a great hair model. She thinks Jessica always looks sexy and beuitufl.

Eva Longoria The Hollywood Reporter Honors The Next Generation Class of 2003 11-04-03

Eva's Curly Hair

Word has it that while Ryan was married to Reese Witherspoon (they were divorced in 2007) he shared the same celebrity hairdresser who was the famous Oscar Blondi of New York.

Whether Ryan still works with Oscar is undetermined at this point. Often, when a celebrity couple part ways, one member will find a new celebrity hairdresser.

It is fitting that Ryan would have worked with Oscar Blandi because he is known for his expertise with naturally curly hair.

Note: Check out Curly Hair Experts for more information.

Eva Longoria ABC Primetime Preview Weekend Day One 09-11-04

Ryan has world class natural curls which he wears in a variety of hairstyles that show off his sexy bad boy style.

Since he first appeared in his breakout role - I Know What You Did Last Summer - Ryan has rocked a variety of naturally curly styles. His hair color ranges from a rich butter blonde to a darker blonde.

When Ryan and Reese attended the Los Angeles Premiere of Crash in April of 2005 he wore his naturally curly locks cropped short with carefully scissored graduated layers extending from the front of his hairline to the back of his crown.

The sides and lower back were cut short and was designed to lay close to Ryan's head to show off the top and pump up the natural curly texture.

Ryan's style was precision crafted to show off his strong square shaped face and show off his sprinkling of natural blonde highlights. It was rugged and masculine with a hint of bad boy.

How To Style

Ryan's hair is naturally curly with a strongly formed curl pattern. To copy his style from the Los Angeles Crash Premiere follow the steps detailed below:

1. Start with a precision haircut created by a hairdresser with special expertise in cutting curly hair. Do not allow the hairdresser to use a razor on natural curls since this can potentially damage the ends.

2. Shampoo with a moisture enriched shampoo to protect against dryness. If you prefer, use a product designed to enhance curls and/or volume.

3. Apply a light rinse-out conditioner to give hair softness. Avoid using a heavy rinse-out conditioner because this can make the curls too soft too style.

4. Towel blot to remove excess moisture.

5. To enhance curl formation, apply a curl enhancing spray, mousse (for softer curls) gel/mousse or paste for a more defined pattern.

6. Use a blow dryer with a short finger diffuser and use to shape curls.

If you prefer, apply mousse or other curl enhancing products with fingers. Shape curls right after applying styling product and then hair air dry.

Whether you allow your curls to air-dry or you use a diffuser depends on whether you want soft springy curls, tight wet look curls or a combination.

Experiment to get the curls the way you want them.

How To Style

To copy Ryan's style from the Walk The Line Premiere follow the steps detailed below:

1. Start with a precision haircut created by a hairdresser with special expertise in cutting curly hair.

2. Shampoo with a moisture enriched shampoo to protect against dryness. If you prefer, use a product designed to enhance curls and/or volume.

3. Skip any light rinse-out conditioners which could make hair too soft. Instead rinse with a cool/cold rinse to help close the cuticle and give curls natural shine.

4. Towel blot to remove excess moisture.

5. To create Ryan's soft messy curls, apply a curl enhancing gel, pomade or other "wet" product.

6. Apply gel or similar curl enhancing products with fingers. Shape curls right after applying styling product and then allow to hair air dry.

Whether you allow your curls to air-dry or you use a diffuser depends on whether you want soft springy curls, tight wet look curls or a combination. Experiment to get the curls the way you want them.


Eva Longoria has had an amazing hair history since the very beginning of her career.

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