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Kate Winslet 16th Annual BAFTA/LA Cunard Britannia Awards 11-01-07 All rights reserved

In a quest to capture the secret of inner and outer beauty, leading Hollywood hairstylist Campbell McAuley (whose clients include Kate Winslet and Katherine Heigl) unveils C Tonics, healing hair elixirs that nourish the hair and scalp, are sulfate-free and do not contain petrochemicals or artificial colors.

Just like taking a multi-vitamin, the C Tonics’ 100% live organic ingredients introduce a whole new product category that genuinely treats hair and scalp, while at the same time nurtures the mind, body and soul.

Transforming the hair care manufacturing industry, C Tonics is the first-ever hair care company that is emphasizing the use and benefits of live organic ingredients.

After spending years of thoroughly researching natural elements all over the world, C Tonics applies the most potent live organic properties ever used in hair care.

The strongest ingredient base used in the line is the clay, which offers not only therapeutic healing to arthritic patients, but naturally lifts up dirt from the scalp . . . an ideal and organic alternative to detergent based hair care products.

The CTonics Standard Prescription was developed as an entire philosophy to elevate the scalp to its healthiest state, and then restore hair to its most vital state.

C Tonics CORE We recommend always beginning with C Tonics CORE to gently cleanse, detoxify and prep the scalp. C Tonics CORE is a stimulating and purifying cleansing tonic formulated with rare clays to eliminate excess oils and revive sensitive scalps.

Kate Winslet 18th Annual International Palm Springs Film Festival Gala Awards 01-06-07 All rights reserved

C Tonics CORE has synthesized hair proteins, unique mineralized clays and pure essential oils to draw out toxins and excess oils that clog pores, while at the same time works to balance the pH of the scalp and revitalizing damaged hair. CORE restores hair to its natural health as well as promotes volume and shine, with real results within 3-5 washes. Do not dilute effectiveness with any other cleanser or shampoo. (SRP: $25.00; 8oz.)

C Tonics PULSE: C Tonics PULSE is a rejuvenating and invigorating cleansing tonic formulated with blue-green algae to oxygenate, alkalize and nourish the hair and scalp. C Tonics PULSE blends hair proteins, sea elements and pure essential oils to cleanse, awaken and energize the scalp, while delivering nutrients to promote growth and strengthen the hair. C Tonics PULSE restores circulation and strength to the scalp and natural beauty to the hair as it promotes volume, sheen and uncorrupted curls. Noticeable results within 3-5 washes. (SRP: $25.00; 8oz.)

C Tonics TRANQUILITY: C Tonics TRANQUILITY was created to soothe and maintain a healthy, harmonious equilibrium by using synthesized hair proteins, mineral clays, herbs and oils for a mild, everyday cleanser for both hair and scalp. C Tonics TRANQUILITY is the most gentle tonic in the line and is mild enough for use on children’s and baby’s hair. C Tonics TRANQUILITY soothingly cleanses, improves the hair’s natural health and condition fosters radiant beauty. C Tonics TRANQUILITY is ideal for everyday use. (SRP: $25.00; 8oz.)

Kate Winslet 18th Annual International Palm Springs Film Festival Gala Awards 01-06-07 All rights reserved

C Tonics PASSION: For an effective dose of nutrition and vitality, C Tonics PASSION is a luxurious cleansing tonic, formulated with exotic camellia and hibiscus oils and nut proteins to moisturize and hydrate the hair and enrich the scalp. The beneficial properties of nut proteins, organic botanical roots, moisturizing clays and essential oils will reverse the drying and damaging effects of harsh detergents and chemical additives. C Tonics PASSION not only cleanses tresses, but, also conditions and hydrates hair and scalp allowing them both to thrive with lustre, shine and natural curl. (SRP: $25.00; 8oz.) C Tonics TANTRA: C Tonics TANTRA formula has been designed specifically for healing a stressed scalp. It is a soothing, therapeutic cleansing tonic specially formulated with Swedish pine tar oil and botanical roots to help improve scalp conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis, eczema and inflammation. Minerals, herbs and pure essential oils promote equilibrium and stability for problematic hair and scalp. Use as an ongoing treatment to exfoliate the scalp and remove dirt, bacteria, fungal growth and hair shaft coatings. C Tonics TANTRA and C Tonics TRANQUILITY work brilliantly when used at alternative washes for balanced, healthy hair and scalp. (SRP: $25.00; 8oz.) C Tonics is so rich and potent, users may not need the use of a conditioner, but, the line also offers a luxurious range of C Tonics Elixirs to deliver extra nutrients to stressed ends and to act as a detangler.

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C Tonics Elixir Milk: A soft, lightweight conditioning elixir with Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Green Tea Oil ideal for all hair types. C Tonics Elixir Milk also works very well as a soft styling crème, defining and softening curls. Perfect for every-day use and a gift for fine hair. (SRP: $25.00; 8oz.)

C Tonics Elixir Blossom: A luxurious, deep conditioning elixir with nutrient-rich almond proteins and moisturizing oils formulated or dry and chemically treated hair types. The heavier weight elixir is also great as a monthly deep-conditioning treatment mask. This is a rich conditioner that will add weight to the hair and not recommended when using C Tonics Passion. (SRP: $25.00; 8oz.)


With a commitment to pure, quality, ingredients, C Tonics uses only 100% live, organic elements, blended in a raw consistency so fresh and natural that refrigeration is recommended to keep bioactive formulas live and at peak potency.

All C Tonics products are made with food grade organic ingredients and should be considered a perishable.

The products are vegan, animal derived and never tested on unwilling animals. All testing has been done on friends, family and colleagues. For more information about C Tonics, visit their website at

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