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Crystal Earrings That Rock!


Perhaps you’ve noticed that Hair Boutique, your favorite hair care site, has turned its considerable attention towards earrings in its Marketplace section. Afterall, what good is to have a fabulous hairstyle without a great pair of earrings to go with it? Perhaps, like me, you’ve noticed the enticing pictures of all that beautiful jewelry. Well, if you’re like me, your thoughts are rapidly turning to the thought of the holidays to come; all that shimmery, sparkly jewelry just cries out to be given as gifts and worn to all those holiday parties!

I am a huge fan of jewelry, and my credo has always been “More is more,” so I immediately fell for these new heartshape leverback earrings, studded with fine Austrian crystals. I couldn’t wait to try them out.

A Word About Quality

Austrian crystals are known the world over for their excellent high quality and prismatic intensity. These crystals will positively knock your eyes out in the sunlight, and they are breathtaking in low lights. (A hint here for ladies: slip on a pair of these babies and wear them by candlelight. Let the sparkles do your talking for you, and bring a large Hefty bag with you to haul home all the compliments!)

The leverback design for earrings is truly one of the most comfortable and popular earring styles today. They are easy to put on, and once clasped, are virtually impossible to lose. In fact, they are so hard to lose that I only send my mother leverback earrings now since she has a track record of losing any and all hoops and push backs!

Another nice feature of leverback earrings is that they are designed to hang at a flattering angle from the ear. They are balanced so that the fronts are prominently displayed, and they sway enticingly with every move of your head.

Jane Road Tests the New Heart Crystal Earrings

You know me—when I test a product, be it hair gel or jewelry, I really test it. I put it through its paces, and try my best to wrestle it to its knees. You see, I have to be sure that what I’m writing about is good enough for you, our dear and loyal readers! So, here’s my own personal take on my experience wearing these scintillating sparklies.

I have these in both silver and gold, and I’m hard-pressed to tell you which is prettier. I started off my morning the other day wearing the silver ones; my ensemble was blue jean shorts, sandals, a dark blue t-shirt sporting the logo “University of Texas Lifeguard Team,” topped off with an old boyfriend’s striped shirt. Not my best look, but I must say that the silver heartshape earrings really dressed me up. The day was sunny, 75 degrees and breezy, The Allman Brothers were singing “Sweet Home Alabama” on my radio, and I was feeling fine. I had to fight the urge to check my ears out often in the rearview mirror, because my earrings were twinkling more than Tinkerbell on a bender.

As I pulled up to a light, it turned red. A mustached, goateed, bandana’d biker in a leather vest roared up beside me to the right. Based on his “Give Peace a Chance” and “Make Love, Not War” tattoos, I’d say he was definitely from my generation. To the left of me, a 30-something Wall Street wannabe with a salon-style Brandon Frasier hairdo and manicured nails idled his blue Beamer. Now was it only my imagination, or were these men, both so different, staring at me? Could it be my fun and funky hairdo, my skillful use of makeup, my insouciant sense of style? Or could it possibly be that all the firey sparks flashing from my earrings simply hypnotized them both? Who knew? All I know is that, after the light changed, they both kept up with me through the following three lights. Coincidence? I don’t think so, Mulder.

That evening, I had a date with a friend for dinner and a movie. I took a little more care with my wardrobe and put on a red silk tunic over black jersey slacks, slipped on my favorite black silk Prada look-alike shoes, and exchanged my silver heartshape earrings to the gold ones. At the restaurant, the lights were low, and candles burned softly on the table. Surreptitiously, I checked myself out in my makeup mirror. Yes, my earrings made a veritable rainbow of light around my head! I don’t really remember what I ate that night, or the entire plot of the movie, but I do remember that I looked fabulous! Those earrings, neat but not gaudy, savvy but not smartass, were just the touch to pull my whole look together.

Now, here’s my advice to you: run, do not walk, to buy up several pairs of these beauties. Trust me, you don’t want to be without a couple pairs for yourself! Also, do remember that once your mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends, and daughters see you in them, they are going to want them as well! So stock up now for birthdays and Christmas. You’ll score beaucoup points over the holidays by sharing the wealth!

Jane’s Rating

On my own scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, I give these lovely earrings a big 10!

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