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Crystal Bowersox' Hair - Rock n Roll Dreads


Image Crystal Bowersox

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Crystal Bowersox is almost as famous for her dreadlock hairstyle as she is for her appearance on Fox/TV's Season Nine of American Idol.

Although controversial judge Simon Cowell told the Elliston, Ohio on the third week that the competition was hers to lose, Crystal actually did lose to Lee DeWyze. Some were shocked but Crystal went on to built Lee at the cash register.

Her CD, released in December of 2011 outsold Lee's.

When Crystal was appearing on Idol she and the stylist had very different ideas about her personal style. The multi-talented performer adamantly refused to cut off her signature dreads.

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The majority of the American Idol performers who make it to the finals almost always undergo a major hair and style makeover. The reason for the transformations? To show the judges and the audiences that they are serious about their future careers.

Staying true to who she was, dreadlocks and all, was difficult for Crystal because of the pressure to completely change her look. In the end Crystal kept her dreads.

Image Crystal Bowersox

Fox/TV All Rights Reserved

The laid back songbird told the media she caused problems for the Idol stylist because "I don’t wear a lot of colors. I tend to stay to all, you know, dark colors and just natural tones and things. She says, ‘Why don’t you try some color?’ And I’m like, ‘Maybe we’ll see what happens.’ You know, I’m willing, I’m open to it, but I’m just going to stay true; if it doesn’t feel comfortable I’m not doing it.”

Why would Crystal insist upon keeping her dreads? Because it's the hairstyle she's had for awhile. She told the media “I’ve had these (dreadlocks) for about four and a half years now." She told the media “they’ve been around the world with me — Istanbul, Turkey ... Mexico ... England — so there’s a lot of history here,”

Bowersox also said “I do wash my hair — just so everyone knows. There’s a lot of myths out there about dreadlocks but they’re very clean and well kept.”

Instant Dreadlocks?

Although creating long, tightly formed dreads, like Crystal's can take years to form, they can also be created instantly.

Listed below are the ways to get instant dreadlocks:

A dread perm - A dread perm requires the assistance of a professional hairstylist who separates hair into equally sized and spaced sections. The stylist then works on one section of the hair at a time with a comb.

Image Barbara Lhotan

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Clip-in extensions - Human hair clip-in extensions can be styled to look similar to real extensions.

Fusion hair extensions - Human hair which is fused to existing strands can be prepped before application into dreads in a manner similar to the methods used with a dread perm.

Temporary dreads hairstyle - A few years ago actress Jennifer Aniston's hairstylist created a faux dreaded hairstyle. It was a huge hit and spawned several copycats.

Celeb hairstylist Barbara Lhotan won kudos for her temporary dreadlocked hairstyle show to the side. Barbara used human hair wefts which she dreadlocked and then attached to her model. The result? Instant dreadlocks which took less than one hour to create.


American Idol runner-up, Crystal Bowersox continues to hit high notes with both her dreadlocked hair and career.

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