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lisa2293.jpg (84177 bytes)Valentine, one of the Hair Boutique's favorite free lance contributors has gifted us with her experiences with Pantene Pro-V. Unfortunately it did not give her an "Angie Everhart" hair day. After you read this interesting review, be sure to stop by and say hello to Valentine at her great site.


Lately I have tried some new (new for me) hair products that I recently tried out for the first time. I used them only twice, but twice was enough to determine that this particular brand was not good for me.

Now I certainly do not wish to imply that they won't work for other types of hair, but for my straight, fine and slightly dry hair, it was not a good experience.

Pantene Pro-V

I tried out the Pantene Pro-V shampoo and conditioner for dry and damaged hair.

When winter comes I often find myself having a hard time keeping my hair from drying out. All of those tantalizing ads in the magazines and billboards extolling Pantene's virtues in helping the world famous red-haired model, Angie Everhart, grow out her hair by helping to prevent damage to the ends was just too tempting! I had to try!

Being a bit low on some products, I decided it was time to buy more shampoo and conditioner and bought them at the local grocery store.

Testing Procedures

The first time I used them, I was amazed. My hair felt like liquid glass and didn't tangle at all. It was also incredibly shiny. I just couldn't believe the difference.

I figured that even if Pantene did have a good deal of silicone to build up on the hair, I could alternate it with other products to keep the silicone down to a minimum. Was I wrong!

The second time I used the products, I noticed how quickly my hair dried -- less than half the time it usually takes. I thought that was very strange, but quickly forgot about that after applying Aveda Elixer leave-in to my hair. I thought that would help combat any dryness. I let it air dry and went to bed.

Results: Stiff & Brittle Hair

When I woke up in the morning, first thing I noticed was stiffness. My hair felt stiff and almost brittle at the ends and it took a long time to comb the few tangles out.

The ends felt almost bonded to the other strands. Yipes! I thought I had rinsed all the conditioner off in the shower pretty thoroughly, but perhaps not. I did the best I could and put my hair up in the front with a barrette and left the back down and headed off to work.

Perhaps I should have put it up completely considering the troubles I was having.

I try not to comb my hair too often during the work day. It usually stays fairly tangle free on it's own. But during that day, I noticed whenever I combed my hair, how dry and brittle it was. And how it would snag more often than usual. Not the easy snags or tangles either. I'm sorry to say that I am pretty sure that I caused a small amount of damage to my hair that day, even as much as I was trying not to.

Learning My Lesson

So after that episode, I learned my lesson! I went home and washed my hair with one of my usual brands (Aveda shampoo and a really heavy Aussie 3-minute miracle conditioner) and let that conditioner soak in a long time before thoroughly rinsing it out. It seemed to help quite a bit and I was able to detangle my hair without damaging it, along with Aveda's Elixer. I still think that I have a bit of residue in my hair, but that should come out with time and washings.

I do not personally want to use a detoxifier or stripping shampoo as I find those much too harsh for my hair. But I do feel confident that it will all be pretty much out before I know it, and at least enough is out for now to prevent any further possible damage.

Silicones & Hair Types

Some people in the Hair Boutique's Hair Talk Board and other popular hair messageboards have mentioned that they believe that silicones work much better for those with thick, coarse or curly hair than those with straight fine hair and I have to say that I agree with that appraisal.

My best friend's long curly hair loves product with silicones and I think that I will be giving her my Pantene! But it doesn't work well for everyone and it can make a fairly lasting impression on your hair.


I guess the lesson that I learned from this experience is to be a bit more careful about the products I use and not to let myself be so easily swayed by the tempting ads I see. Also for myself, to stay away from silicones!

Especially since I already have the pick of so many hair care lines that I know work with my hair, such as Aveda, ARTec, Natures Gate and a few other products here and there from other companies.

But then again, if you don't try new products how else can you find out? Okay, I'll admit it! I'm a hair product junkie! Hmmm, wonder what product line I should try next... You know, I always have been curious about the George Michael line of products.....

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