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Cameron Diaz

There is a secret in the world of celebrity hairdressers. The secret involves "actress hair". The basic premise behind this well-known and well-kept secret is that due to the easy availability of hair extensions, temporary put-on pieces and wigs, many celebrities in their private life have much shorter strands than they do in their public life.

It used to be forbidden in Hollywood or the acting world for the celebrity hairdressers to discuss the real length and style of their famous charges. However, as times change and the public continues to embrace hair as an accessory that can be constantly changed, more celebrities are willing to "come out of the closet" about their own strand situation.

Of course not all celebrities are willing to go public with whether or not they wear extensions, wigs or other hair accessories. Some, like Jessica Simpson are very open about their hair. Jessica loves to play with different hairstyles and is happy to share her various hairstyle and current hair lengths with her fans. Other celebrities are less open.

Actress Hair

Britney Spears - All Rights Reserved

"Actress hair" which is also known as "actor or performer hair" has been around since the time that performers would sacrifice their own tresses in the name of their craft. This meant that an actor or actress would undergo major hair changes to take on the physical appearance of the character that they were portraying.

Often this meant drastic color changes involving bleach or strong hair dyes. It also might mean other chemical changes such as adding curls or going stick straight. All of the constant drastic hair changes would sometimes take a toll on the natural hair of the performer. Thus their own hair would suffer for their art. As a result, their hairdressers would have to work hard to help repair the ongoing damage.

Cameron Diaz was quoted in the media after her role in 1994's Mask that the hair extensions she wore for the film actually made her scalp bleed and damaged her natural tresses. This is not uncommon.

Ken Paves, Jessica Simpson's hairdresser, has reported that during the filming of one of her music videos her blonde tresses turned green due to the effects of a waterfall the star was required to stand in during filming.

Robert Hallowell has confided about some of his famous clients that have dealt with hair loss after movie roles or personal issues such as having babies or illness.

Short Hair Underneath

Jessica Simpson

As the famous hairdresser Laurent D once explained to me "actors and actresses work very hard to put together a flawless appearance for their public appearances. Therefore, an actress is more likely to adopt add-on hair or extensions for Red Carpet or Premiere events. The last thing a performer wants is to be seen as looking bad. Of course hair is such a major part of appearance for so many people that a lot of time is dedicated to making it look spectacular.

Does this mean that short hair is inferior to long hair? Not necessarily. Many celebrities love short hair and flaunt it. However, some stars still believe that having a full head of lush locks or flaunting long tresses provides them with a more official Hollywood or movie star persona. Which explains why some celebrities are spotted at the Starbucks on Robertson with a short crop in the morning and long luscious curls that evening.


Many people might be surprised at the number of major stars that have different "natural" hair than what they wear for acting roles or red carpet appearances. Short hair is often very popular "behind the scenes" because of its versatility and the fact that with the easy access to wigs, add-on strands and extensions, a more glamorous hair appearance can be quickly adopted.

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