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Celebrity Hair: Sandra Oh


Sandra Oh (born November 30, 1970) is an award winning (2 Canadian Oscars along with several other major trophies) actress who star is shining brightly every week on ABC's Sunday night drama/comedy and psuedo soap known as Grey's Anatomy.

While Sandra often steals the show, she is no novice actress. In fact, the actress has a list of credits on the database that would make any wanna performer's head spin right off.

I personally fell in love with Sandra's performance as the quirky Arli$$ sidekick. As Rita Wu, she was beautiful, talented, sexy, loyal and judgemental as all get out. I also enjoyed her performance as Pattie in the film Under The Tuscan Sun starring Diane Lane and as Stephanie in Sideways.

Sandra is a phenomenally talented actress born in Nepean, Ontario, Canada to Korean parents. Although she started her performance career as a ballerina, she studied drama at that National Theatre School in Montreal. In 1993 she beat out 1,000 applicants for her role in The Diary of Evelyn Lau.

Regardless of the role Sandra is playing, she always makes me believe that she is truly that character. Thank goodness she is not a used car saleslady or we will all be in serious trouble. I suspect that Sandra could sell the proverbial ice cube to an Eskimo. That's how believable she is in her characterizations.

As intern Christina Yang on Grey's Anatomy she hobnobs with other interns including Ellen Pompeo as Dr. Meredith Grey and Katherine Heigle as Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens. Her character has been embroiled in a love affair with Dr. Preston Burke played admirably by well-known actor Isaiah Washington.


Watch Grey's Anatomy on ABC on Sunday nights (10:00 pm ET).

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